How to Get VERIFIED on Instagram in 2020?

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Almost every person on Instagram prefers to get their account verified with a blue badge. It is not much difficult now because Instagram is offering users to request verification themselves respectively. Well, it is the best thing and everyone should have to apply for the account verification which shows that you are following the rules described by Instagram and you are also getting famous among people all over the world.

Before this update, the usual thinking of many people was only limited and they think that the respective IG badge is only for famous celebrities who have millions of followers. Now, everyone can get this badge without having millions of followers on their Instagram account.

Here we will let you know the tips to get verified your Instagram account and you will have to make sure that everything should be perfectly done by you before applying for the account verification.

Tips For Getting Verified on Instagram:

Make sure to follow these tips to get verified from IG.

1.     Follow the Described Rules

It is very much important and compulsory to follow the described rules by Instagram respectively. You have to care about uploading the content and it should be according to the community standard. If you are uploading funny content or knowledgeable content, it will be effective for you and it will also help you out to boost your profile all over the world respectively. If your post is attracting others towards it, you can better get the verified badge for the IG account.

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2.     Be Real

If you are promoting your business or brand type through IG, you need to mention all the accurate details about it. It is very much important to provide accurate information to IG if you need to boost your brand name up high around the world. It is an obvious thing that IG will support only those factors that are based on reality by all means.

3.     The brand should be notable

It is very much important for the brand or personality that should be notable and highly searched on the internet. If your brand or personal account is not highly searched by the people on the internet, then there will be fewer chances to get the Instagram verified tag on your IG profile.

4.     Only one request for an account

If you have maintained more than one IG account then you will be able to send a request for one account at a time. As we all know that the verification process is quite lengthy and it will also take much time to get completed. This is why; you need to provide only one account information at a time for verification.

5.     Be public

It is also an important thing for everyone to know that if you need to verify your account on IG, you also have to set your profile public. The private account will never get a verified tag by any chance. It is very much important for an account to be public view so others can easily watch them and they can share their posts with others by all means.

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6.     Don’t lie with the audience

You also have to share accurate information with the audience regarding your account type. If you are becoming an influencer on IG, you also have to share valid and accurate information with other users. By sharing valid and accurate information with others, you will get the chance to get more audience and likes on your IG account which is a positive thing for you. Make sure to do the regular activity on your IG account by sharing posts and status on it.

All these points are very much effective to get know how you can make your profile eligible for the verification on Instagram and what are the requirements. These things are quite simple to follow and you also have to make these things possible by all means. Here we will discuss with you the procedure to verify your account on Instagram. These steps will allow you to send a verification request to the IG officials.

Steps to send IG account verification request:

  • First of all, you need to go to the IG profile by tapping the icon with your profile picture. The respective icon will be at the bottom-right corner.
  • Now, tap the menu icon which is on the top-right corner of your IG profile.
  • Select the settings icon which you can see on the bottom-right of your screen. Now, you need to get the account selected from the setting menu.
  • Here is the last step for you to follow that you need to scroll down the Request Verification until you see it. When you find it, select the option and your request is submitted for the approval.
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Here you need to know about an important thing that when anyone will send the request for verification of IG account, it will take much time to approve because there are many things that have to get confirmed by the IG about the profile. After matching the complete evidence of the profile it will show their decision. You need not worry about this thing at all.

Here we will let you know another right solution that could better enhance the visibility factor of your IG profile and you will definitely find it effective by all means.

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