How to Dog Proof Your Stairs?

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A dog comes with love as well as responsibility in your life. You have to protect your dog from all the possible harm. When you think about the threats for your dog, the staircase is definitely one of them. A fall down from the stairs can be life-threatening for your dog. Also, it can injure your dog seriously. On the other hand, your stairs are at risk, too, as the dog can chew your wooden stairs or damage your staircase mat. For all these reasons, you should dog-proof your stairs. In this article, we will help you to dog-proof your stairs.

Dog Proofing Your Stairs

  • Use a Baby Gate: You can use a baby gate in your staircase to protect your dog. Especially if you have a baby or multiple dogs, and this is a must for you. A baby gate is a small gate that will prevent them from going down or upwards until you open it. So, they can only climb them under your supervision. Now, make sure you lock them each time you are away from the stairs for a while.
  • Get a Pet Gate: If you have two or puppies, you can get a pet gate. It is like a baby gate but smaller in size. Since puppies are small, it would be a perfect fit for them. Also, they are much cheaper than baby gates. So, if you don’t have a baby or a large dog, get a pet gate.
  • Create a Stair Barrier: If you don’t want to buy these gates, you can create a stair barrier. The best thing about barriers is that it is cost-friendly. You can make a stair barrier on your own. It doesn’t require any drilling to your staircase. Also, you can make it in your good old clothes. However, if you don’t want to get into the hassle, you can simply use a stair barrier. These can be found in the market very easily.
  • Block the Railings: If your railing of the staircase is open, you should cover it. Otherwise, your dog will be squeezing into them. You can get nylon cloth rolls from the market. Cover the railing from top to bottom.
  • Install a Dog Stairs Ramp: Installing a ramp can also help you to dog-proof your staircase. You can install a dog stairs ramp whenever you need your dog to come upstairs. For this, you need to remove it once the dog has reached it. What’s more, if you have a broad staircase, you can get a permanent ramp on one side of your stairs. Ramps help the dogs to climb up or go down. As these have some special features, your dog won’t slip. However, you might need to train your dog to climb on the ramp.
  • Keep sufficient light: Your dog can climb onto the stairs at night, too, right? If there is not enough light, it might fall as he won’t be able to see well. So, make sure you have sufficient lighting in your staircase. If you didn’t take the steps mentioned above, I would recommend you to keep your light on all night long. This would reduce the chance of accidents.
  • Train your dog: You probably enjoy spending time with your dog. Use that time to train him to use stairs. Use signs so that he knows when to come or when not to come. Also, teach him how to climb the stairs. Now, this can be tricky from dog to dog. You can consult a professional dog trainer or go to a vet for more help.
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Why do you need to dog-proof your staircase?

To protect your dog: The first & foremost reason to dog-proof your staircase as well as home  is to protect your dog. Your dog can fall down the stairs any time you are not there. It can also be severely injured in the same scenario. 

To protect your staircase: Your staircase might also be in need of protection from your dogs. If your dog chews up the railing or damages them by squeezing into them, you should think about dog proofing it. Dog proofing your stairs will give your staircase more durability since there will be no attacks. As a result, your extra money for furnishing your staircase will be saved.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to secure your dog. Dog proofing your staircase doesn’t only save your dogs but also makes you a responsible keeper. Also, it protects your staircase, which gives your house a look you want.

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