Drones and Artificial Intelligence: The Security Solution Of The Future

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Key Highlights

  • Advancement in Technology has led to deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning in the security industry and will shape its future. 
  • Rise of the digital economy is bolstering the rise of hackers, fraudulent activities and phishing scams. 
  • AI incorporates facial recognition, video analytics, sensors, human intervention, predictive AI, wireless cameras and drones for operations to provide efficient services. 
  • AI provides asset protection and decision support against numerous malwares. 
  • Various companies such as IBM and Amazon are incorporating AI in cloud based computing systems to safeguard their business.

Artificial intelligence is considered to be one of the key technologies that will shape the future of security system owing to its characteristics. Artificial intelligence as an umbrella is comprised of neural networks, deep learning, machine learning and many more software programs that incorporates algorithm to produce an output. As businesses are turning more vulnerable due to rise of connected applications, devices, enterprises and numerous independent endpoints, AI delivers proactive threat reduction facilities with its enticing proposal. Modern digitalized economy regularly face security vulnerabilities therefore, it requires constant supervision of AI in security. AI and its applications cater the need to protect any system by providing alerts and mitigating risks. Implementing machine learning with AI helps in proactively preventing threats and malware. 


AI integrates endpoint data and analytics to determine threat intelligence and hence, aids in detecting and exposing an attack. The banking system has witnessed a rise in adoption of AI based security solutions as there has been a rise of online transactions and e-commerce since COVID-19 pandemic. Malware is increasingly becoming intelligent, demanding artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to upgrade and counter attack malicious software. The increase of hackers and phishing scams has led to implementation of AI in multiple organizations to detect and deter security invasion. Moreover, the shift towards adopting internet to perform most of the tasks by enterprises accelerates the risk for hacking and cyber attacks. 

AI Finds Application in Numerous Industries owing to its Efficient Capabilities  

Great progress in digital economy due to technological advancement has also caused increased threat-related opportunities. Increase endorsement in cloud-based services is driven by shifting internal process digitalization and growing penetration of internet. Lack of cyber security awareness and ineffective cyber laws can likely hamper the company’s exclusive data. 

AI helps government and regulatory bodies to deploy efficient resources and predict future of and trends in crime. It finds applications in numerous industries such as home security solutions, transportation, law enforcement, cities and public safety, facilities and sites, energy and utilities and secure borders. Numerous companies such as Evolv Technology, Shield AI, Deep Sentinel, Digital Barriers and Agent Video Intelligence offer software applications for home surveillance, military defense, surveillance of wide-area facilities and access control for large crowds and events. These companies incorporate facial recognition, video analytics, sensors, human intervention, predictive AI, wireless cameras and drones for security operations. It also finds application in gaming, entertainment, aerospace and defense, aviation, maritime, logistics, information and communication technologies, healthcare and education. 

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The technology waits poised to revolutionize security for numerous industries and robots for enhanced security are being heavily evaluated by a number of high-profile companies. AI in the security industry provides decision support, business intelligence, access control, asset protection and monitoring. The technological advancement in terms of application and accuracy will both bring astounding results in the industry. The accelerating development of Artificial intelligence has resulted in its adoption in cloud or hybrid combination of both. The industry is expected to develop numerous deployment technologies and make AI a prominent highlight. 

Competitive Landscape Shaping the Future of Security Industry 

The complex challenges in security operations demands a predictive, automated, scalable, adaptable, and smarter security strategy. AI algorithm empowers cyber security to deliver a more proactive, automated and smarter approach to cyber defense. It monitors the status of the security posture and keeps a constant eye on networks, databases, servers, websites, endpoints, applications and other critical systems. Numerous businesses are integrating AI as a part of their services and solutions such as Symantec, Sophos, Palo Alto Networks, LogRhythm, Fortinet, FireEye, CrowStrike and Check Point.  

Businesses are actively adopting strategies such as mergers and acquisitions to modify and improve their services. For instance, in January 2018, Salesforce and IBM collaborated to bring cloud computing platforms and artificial intelligence to expand costumer base in cloud solutions segment. Similarly, in January 2018, Amazon’s cloud business acquired a security start up with NSA roots named as Sqrrl. The acquisition was aimed to attain business from US intelligence agencies as the founder of Sqrrl was previously employed by the US National Security Agency.  

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