3 Tips for Creating the Perfect YouTube Filming Space

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Creating content for YouTube is a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy video production. But how can you guarantee that you gain a good number of viewers who enjoy your videos? For starters, you’ll want a good YouTube filming space that makes it easy to record content. The easier you make it, the more often you’ll do it. Creating the perfect YouTube filming space is all about making an area optimal for video production. Here are a few elements that you may want to keep in mind for your YouTube filming space.

1. Good lighting is fundamental to your YouTube videos.

Cameras don’t often respond or adjust to lighting in the same way that the human eye accommodates for dim lighting. The lighting sets both the tone and the mood of any video. Viewers don’t often notice lighting when it’s good. But when it’s bad, you’re sure to find feedback in the comment section. Even the most novice of viewers notice poor lighting. It makes all of the difference in any online content. So, make sure that your face is evenly lit and that there aren’t any harsh shadows in the background. Natural light is best. But sometimes, you can mimic the same effect with the use of artificial lighting.

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2. Don’t underestimate the importance of good sound quality.

You’ve probably already heard about the popularity of ASMR on YouTube. If you’re hoping to create an ASMR video or if you just want high-quality sound for your YouTube content, then ASMR microphones are a great choice. An ASMR mic can capture anything from soft whispers to regular speaking or singing volume. The Musician Nerd offers a guide on how to make the best choice for an ASMR microphone for your needs. A great example listed on the resource is the Audio Technica AT2020USB+, which is a popular microphone for people who record podcasts. The USB capabilities are perfect for convenience, and the vocals and sound recordings on this device sound natural and present. A great high-end option as stated by Musician Nerd is the Shure SM7B, which offers superior sound quality. It’s one of the most versatile and powerful devices on the market. While it’s pricier, the vocal clarity is unmatched. These are just a few options recommended by experts and sound enthusiasts found on the popular resource page.

3. Eliminate major distractions for your backdrop and stick to small points of interest.

Having a plain background for recording YouTube videos can be boring. But you also don’t want the background to be overstimulating and distracting to viewers. Stick to small points of interest. Buy indoor plants for your living room backdrop or add a handful of your favorite books. Make it interesting but not too busy. This helps you achieve the perfect balance in terms of adding spice without taking away from what you’re saying and doing in the video content. Some YouTube content creators even make the backdrop a little game for their viewers. Some people hide clues or Easter eggs in the background of their filming space to foster interaction within their online community. This is a great way to increase engagement and really improve your watch time and analytics.

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The perfect YouTube filming space involves good lighting, the best sound quality, limited background noise, and few distractions. That way, your viewers can focus on what’s most important—the content that’s coming from you. Maybe you’re sharing product reviews of your favorite running shoes, or perhaps you enjoy creating video essays and providing social commentary on the latest pop culture trends. Making content on YouTube should be fun! And it all starts with a good filming space.

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