Top 10 Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Jobs

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Have you ever heard of Digital Marketing? Now more than ever before. You may even be interested in taking a course or becoming certified in this industry. Nowadays, the options for such professionals are quite extensive. 

But what kind of jobs can you find in this online world? More than you think. The Internet enables the creation of new positions. As technology develops, professional demands grow. Read on to find out what jobs are most in-demand in this digital marketing market.

Ecommerce Manager

The Ecommerce Manager is responsible for eCommerce. What does it mean? This means a person that coordinates and controls the whole electronic sales process from beginning to end. The principal aim of this work is to achieve the highest possible return on investment.

These professionals normally have several years of work experience. On average, the number of years of previous experience required for this position is 8.


There is a strong trend within Digital Marketing known as Content Marketing. Here is where this job comes in. Copywriter: the person who is responsible for writing texts, with a view to persuading readers so that the outcome is practical action. The objective of a copywriter is to attract the attention of potential customers (leads or prospects) in short texts.

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Furthermore, the copywriter needs to know about SEO to make the most of it.

Community Manager

Community Manager: Facilitator of a social network, serving as a link between a company and society through an online environment. This person brings the clients closer to the powerful PR tool which is the Internet.

In some cases, depending on the size of the company, the Community Manager is also in charge of developing the Marketing Plan and measuring the results of the strategy.

Digital Analyst

The Digital Analyst or Web Analyst is the professional in charge of analysing website traffic. His or her duties include defining business objectives and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). If the company has not set KPIs, this might be an indication of inappropriate management.

It is important to be sure that the person in this position knows how to use some basic tools to measure results on the web. Google Analytics is a case in point. This is a completely free web analysis tool that can track the recipient’s actions when they reach the website.

App Developer

An App Developer is a person who develops an interactive multimedia application. Mobile applications are becoming more popular to companies who wish to position themselves in the mobile world. This is why it is one of the most sought-after jobs. 

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Web Designer

As the name suggests, the Web Designer is the person who designs a company’s website or blog. This professional is central to achieving positioning in the online market. It is therefore essential to learn how to think the way the visitors think. 

It is also important that this specialist has HTML knowledge. But it is not just HTML that you will have to master: image editing is integral. Remember that the user’s first impression comes from the eyes.

Social CRM Manager

All customer address details can be maintained centrally, e.g., in a CRM system. Using this tool, a company can capture all market and customer-relevant data daily.

So, what does a Social CRM Manager actually do? This person manages the information stored in the CRM system to track leads and stay in contact with clients. This professional works hand in hand with the Community Manager.

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Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is the person who develops the social media strategy, executed by the Community Manager. In other words, he or she is the social media leader of a company.

This professional must be clear about the company’s objectives and differentiate it from its competitors. It is important to know that this job exists mainly in larger organisations.

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