Know The Impact Of Fashion Social media Influencers On The World of Fashion

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The world is deeply affected by the growing trend of influencer marketing with brands and individuals moving digitally for all important aspects of life. Whether you consider promoting brands or you consider confirming your purchase decision, social media channels have become a big hit. On the more, mobile-based platforms like Instagram and other similar alternatives have experienced exponential growth.  It is simple and the most efficient way to help brands leverage their customers. This comes true, especially when it comes to lifestyle, fashion, and beauty influencers. 

Fashion and lifestyle brands have now moved from hiring brand ambassadors to social media influencers who have become a catalyst of brand awareness, recognition, and credibility in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Consumers and enthusiastic fashion people are no more hunting weekly or monthly fashion magazines for the latest trends and tips. Now, they are putting their eyes on fashion influencers to learn and adopt the fashion trends and styles. 

Impact of Fashion Influencers

Fashion influencers are known to have a strong and profound impact on the fashion world. When we talk about numbers that speak, fashion brands are expected to make the spending of more than $15 billion on influencer marketing by the year 2022, as stated by Business Insider. On the go, brands are making an enormous earning of around 6% on every dollar spent, expected to reach the market size of $26.4billion by 2025 at a CAGR rate of 30.6%.

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How Fashion Influencers Work

Fashion and lifestyle influencers work with all passion and influence to reach millions of consumers by:

  • Unique and inspiring stories about products, services, and brands
  • Engaging content to showcase the uniqueness of brands and their products
  • Increasing foot traffic in the extremely competitive fashion market
  • Striking a perfect balance between consumers and brands
  • Exchanging real-life experiences from personal and professional front
  • Transforming social media interactions into trustworthy relationships
  • Shaping the power and influencer in the retail business

Meet the Top Fashion Influencers

Now, when we are aware of the impact these influencers create and how they work to strengthen the bond between consumers and fashion brands, let us meet the top fashion influencers who have created a rage in the social media world.

Zoella Zeebo: Tagged as one of the most inspiring fashion and beauty influencers, she runs the website She has 11.1 million Instagram followers, 2.6 million Facebook followers, 65,000 Twitter followers, and 11.8 YouTube subscribers to her credit. She has worked with many fashion brands and have partnered their growth to the next level of competition. 

Christine Baberich:

Chiara Ferragni:

She is an Italian fashion blogger who also beholds a popular name as a fashion designer and businesswoman. She holds 9.7 million Instagram followers, 1.2 million Facebook followers, and 345,000 Twitter followers to her credit. 

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Lauren Conrad:

A renowned influencer has gained name and fame in reality shows on television. Through the website,, she has been able to have a strong presence across social media channels with 6.1 million Instagram followers, 2.0million Facebook followers, and 3.5 million Twitter followers. 

Ayushi Bangur:

An Indian influencer who has a strong fellowship of 93,000 Instagram followers. She is an economist graduate but does wonder when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. She shares the latest trends and super cool tips through her Instagram handle @styledriveis.

Masoom Minawala:

She is a young fashion blogger and influencer who proves to be a prominent name to follow for the latest trends and styles in fashion. She has an amazing sense of fashion, especially when it comes to Indian fashion trends and culture.

Gianluca Vacchi:

Someone who is known to be more than just being a fashion influencer. With 9.4 million Instagram followers, 1.5 million Facebook followers, and 36,500 Twitter followers, he has been able to create an Italian fashion brand that holds a net value of $450 million. 

Gia Kashyap:

With more than 30,000 followers on Instagram, she rocks in the field of high-street fashion tips and trends. Her sense of fashion with the most engaging mix and match options, inexpensive luxury labels, and trendy attires makes her stand apart in the competitive world of fashion influencers. 

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Negin Mirsalehi:

She is a Dutch fashion influencer with more than 5.5 million Instagram followers and over 3,26,000 YouTube subscribers. She has been an active part of many known fashion brands partnering with their growth trajectories.  

Mariano Di Vaio:

Mariano Di Vaio is an Italian blogger, actor, influencer, and fashion designer. He owns one of the most popular fashion blogs @marianodivaio with 5.9million Instagram followers, 3.1 million Facebook followers, and 130,000 Twitter followers. 

The list goes on and the number of fashion influencers keeps increasing with the exponential growth of the fashion market as well the social media channels that are together creating new benchmarks for the business sector. 

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