7 Must-Follow Instagram Trends 2021

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Instagram is a popular application where people publish snapshots and stories as well as chat. The driving factor for its prevalence was user-friendly design, accessibility, and simplicity. Instagram has recently reported over half a billion users daily. And this fact caught the attention of sellers and entrepreneurs. 

The app is one of the largest marketplaces nowadays. It connects businesses from diverse countries and helps sell products worldwide. Moreover, it makes the entire ordering process more convenient and pleasant. Numerous people confirm that Instagram helped them become successful. If you want to hit the jackpot, try using Instagram for commercial purposes. But before you delve into the app, you should know about trends that will make your experience with the app fruitful. 

This article reveals the seven major trends that will help you and your product be better off and sought-after. 

Seven Favourable Instagram Trends to Help You Make a Scoop:

1. Informative Insta Stories with Swipe-Up Links

Millions of people use Instagram Stories daily. They are visible for 24 hours and cover more people compared to traditional posts. Insta Stories gained a new feature some time ago. It is called a swipe-up option, which has recently proved its efficacy. 

Now, how can you make use of this trend? After all, you can’t list all the pros and cons of your good or fill all the space with text. A swipe-up option works excellently if you make it concise and as informative and appealing as possible. For instance, if you produce a set of products, take a snap of one of them, inform your audience about a time-limited offer for it, and add a swipe-up link to allow the audience to learn more about it.

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2. Instagram Shopping Option to Facilitate Purchasing

Customers don’t want to waste their time switching between apps to look closer at certain goods. We all have been through that, remembering a product found on Instagram and then trying to learn more about it in the browser. Fortunately, you can now facilitate purchasing by adding a shopping option. This feature allows customers to check the product without leaving the app.

Depending on what you promote, you may approach a shopping option differently. That is, if you sell men’s clothes, take a photo of a man wearing the promoted clothes and make it shoppable on Instagram. People will be able to see what you are selling and how much every item costs by tapping on a photo.

Such posts apply to any good. If you sell jewelry, take photos of them and set your prices. Whenever people are interested in them, they can click on the pic and get redirected to your web page.

3. Carousel Posts for Engaging the Audience

Try to visualize what you want to say. Carousel is a perfect way to draw your followers’ attention with the products you are going to launch. Using Carousel, you can add pictures, specs, and a brief description of your forthcoming goods.

Besides pictures, you can attach videos to portray how the thing works. The list can be limitless. You can abuse the Carousel option in any way you like. You may want to create a Carousel adding:

  • Before and after section;
  • Customers’ testimonials regarding your product;
  • Group-themed images;
  • Process demonstration;
  • Storytelling.
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There is no better way to reach out to the larger audience but to use Carousel Posts. Deploy Carousel in various ways and increase your outreach promptly!

4. Instagram Live Is a Thing to Consider

Instagram Live is a go-to option for everyone who wants to attract new people and keep in touch with all the followers. The feature was introduced many years ago. However, it became trendy in 2019, with the rapid increase in e-Commerce. If you want to maintain a great connection with your followers and get feedback, Instagram Live is a no-brainer. 

Your business will benefit from employing Instagram Live. For instance, you can use this feature to inform the audience about a new product. You can also share important announcements, news, and collaborations that relate to your goods. Finally, you can organize a Q&A session. Coupled with hosting various online events, Instagram Live is a must if you want to bolster your social media presence.

5. Augmented Reality to Hit the Market in 2021

Augmented Reality is a revolutionary technology that can make your Instagram account stand out. Using Spark AR Studio—an app that helps create and add filters to Instagram— you will make your account much more visited and mentioned. 

Millions of talented designers and programmers worked hard to make sure everyone can create something out of the box. And it seems that this diligent work was worth doing it. As for now, Augmented Reality is currently available on Microsoft and Mac, and it allows every user to coin unique filters and effects for mobile cameras using Spark AR Studio. Now you can create your own effects and make something out of the ordinary. In such a case, more people will employ your filters and effects and check your products afterward.

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6. IGTV Ads to Help Make Money

Another modern and promising feature Instagram has recently implemented is IGTV monetization. Such promotions last up to 15 seconds and strongly support the creators. By strongly, we mean 55 percent of the revenue accumulated by these ads.

The IGTV ads’ benefit is that they positively contribute to the work of algorithms. If you ever want to utilize IGTV ads to promote your good, you can be sure your target audience will see the promotion. It will increase the chances of making them check your account and push up the sales.

7. Microblogging Is Effective

Many people prefer watching a set of images to reading long captions. Still, some like delving into the topic and learning it from A to Z. If your blog relies on text, you will benefit from writing extended captions. That is, you will bond with your readers who seek connection, as captions help create a full-fledged conversation between readers and the author.

Make sure to catch the readers’ attention by mentioning an insight, a coming out, or a fun fact at the beginning. It will catch their attention. Keep in mind that only the first 125 characters will remain visible to the readers. So try to make these several sentences meaningful and reasonable enough to entice the audience into reading the whole post.

The Bottom Line

The number of Instagram trends existing these days is impressive. And it is vital to know which one to use to be better off. Certainly, some trends come and go, and it is tough to decide which one to follow. Luckily, the mentioned seven trends will remain, develop, and stand out. Following them is your key to success.

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