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Want to do something entertaining? Register yourself with www.playholidaycash.com and play the holiday cash game now!

The best part of this scratch game on www.playholidaycash.com is you are getting a fantastic opportunity to win a cash prize and be the lucky one by Pay and Save Inc. and Lowe’s.

What is the eligibility for playing at www.playholidaycash.com?

www.playholidaycash.com set criteria of acceptability and the points include:

  • The age of the participant must be 18 years and less than this will not be considered.
  • Additionally, the participant must be a dweller of the US of Colorado, Kansas, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico.
  • However, the participants from U.S Virgin Island and Puerto Rico would be disqualified.
  • Moreover, it is not necessary to buy the ticket for the game.
  • The participant should be physically available anytime at the store during the promotion period.
  • The participants who do not belong permanently to the above-mentioned states, need to verify their residence.
  • Above all, the sponsors, distribution centres, employees, members of the household, or the minor children of any teammate are not allowed to participate.

Various means of entry to be a part of www.playholidaycash.com Game!

  • There are two methods by which you can get an entry in the game at www.playholidaycash.com
  •  Firstly, you can get a free ticket to participate if you buy a product accept alcohol and tobacco from Lowe’s or any other involved brand of Pay and save.
  • Furthermore, you can get an extra ticket in a condition that you purchase any “Booster” game ticket item from the engaging store.
  • The other substitute method is that you will get free of cost game ticket and also one Booster ticket if you write your full name, street address, city, state, zip code by hand, on a piece of paper and send it to the P.O. Box 367, Kennesaw, GA 30156

Note: The envelopes should be two in number, each with a stamp, your complete address, and a mail written on it.

  • One very important thing to mention is, every participant confines to one transaction within every three hours.

Method of how to play Holiday Cash Game

  • Firstly, you have to scratch all the four prize number boxes and winning area
  • There is a possible winning if the winning number corresponds to any of the four numbers revealed
  • Or, simply cross off the box containing “Online code”
  • You will see a unique alphanumeric code of twelve digits
  • Now, either click on the link i.e., www.playholidaycash.com or visit the page to login to your Holiday Cash account
  • Then click on “Returning Player” to proceed
  • Afterwards, you need to enter the already registered email id and password
  • Then you have to enter the online code of twelve digits to play the game
  • Furthermore, you can also play instant win game
  • Additionally, there would be an Instant Playbox at the bottom of the game ticket. You have to scratch off that code to play Instant game and reveal your prize.
  • There would be two options, either you can win an instant prize or can get a discount offer.
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How will we identify and acknowledge the winners?

  • Firstly, all of the winners will get a notification through www.playholidaycash.com after the prize draw.
  • however, your prize will be rejected and the next capable winner would be considered if you did not respond within 21 days from the notification date.
  • Once you are confirmed as a winner, the sponsors will award you with your deserving prize.
  • There is no cash alternative present and the participant should accept the prize as an offer.

What rewards can you get after playing the Holiday Cash Game?

  • A whole of six hundred sixty-one thousand, one hundred and sixty-one winning prizes are available which values in a range from $10,000 to $1.
  • Additionally, a total of one hundred fifty-three instant prizes are present worth from $50 gift card to $1000 cash.
  • There are also loose product prizes containing 82 instant winners and the free product offer shifting from 70 cents to $9.99
  • Also, there are four thousand one hundred and forty-nine online prize winners of the amount ranging from $50 gift cards to a $30000 channel of options.
  • Not only this, but you can also win a $10000 cash prize, $5000 vacation, $2500 HD TV, and a cash of $1000, received by the winner.

How do you contact Holiday Cash?

If you are looking for any assistance related to participating, rules and regulations, notifications, or any relatable inquiries, you can approach them by the following options.

  • Contact the company through their website which is www.playholidaycash.com/contact
  • Get a quick clarification to your questions by their FAQs
  • Furthermore, you can also reach them by entering your email ID on the customer’s support page, so you can get more particular troubleshooting guide after the database recognize you.
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