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Gift cards, nowadays, considered to be frequently popular presents given to people on all kinds of occasions. Giving a gift card to people on their birthdays, anniversary, any holiday, graduation, or some other special occasion makes them realize that you care.

Additionally, the website, gcbalance, provides you with a complete opportunity and an easy way to establish your cards’ current balance. 

Kroger grocery store is a place where you can find valuable food and products in a great range! Moreover, the store provides fresh products like seafood, meats, frozen foods, health and makeup products, and much more. 

Moreover, Kroger stores engage themselves with the community. Not only this, but they support donations to local schools, churches, and different other organizations. They offer a reward card, called a Plus Card that permits you to earn points and get a discount on items present in the store. Also, you can download the coupons to your card at “proceed to checkout”.

How gcbalance works? 

The gift card holders can approach their gift card balance in about four ways. You can find them at the bottom of your receipt, online at gcbalance, over the phone, or by asking the cashier. Following is a brief guideline so the cardholder can understand and keep an eye on the tracking of their balance.

Necessities before checking the remaining balance at gcbalance gift card

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  • You should have a gift card purchased from any store within the Kroger Company family of stores.
  • Also, you must have Internet access. So, if you are reading this means you got the Internet! 

Gift Card Balance Check by Gcbalance

For the gift cardholders who want to inquire about their balance online via their smartphones or computers, the instructions are

The card number is the ***29-digit number positioned on the back of your card

  • Now, enter your PIN ID

The PIN ID is ***5-digit number at the back of your card

  • Then click on the ORANGE button saying “Check Balance Now” 

After this, you will get a display of your real-time balance on the screen. 

Gcbalance – Imprinted on Receipt 

After you make a purchase at Kroger’s then provide the cashier with your Kroger gift card for the payment process. Now you can observe the remaining gift card balance after you get your receipt from the cashier, present at the bottom of the receipt. 

Furthermore, the money of purchase will be deducted from your Kroger gift card and the leftover amount will be written on the sales receipt. It’s as simple as that!

Additionally, there are other different ways to check your remaining balance in Kroger gift card i.e.,

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Balance Inquiry via Kroger Cashier

In order to find the remaining gcbalance gift card balance, you can ask for help from the cashier. Simply, give your gift card to the cashier and ask him/her to look up at the register and find detail. Moreover, the customer support already presents there can also assist you and perform a balance inquiry for you.

Balance Inquiry via Phone

Fortunately, the Kroger department provides a phone number. So, another option to check the remaining balance is by giving a call at gcbalance via any phone and you can speak with the agent or get access to their automated phone system to inquiry about your remaining balance. 

“The contact number is 1-866-822-6252”

What if your Gift Card is lost?

According to the website, gcbalance, and Kroger store, if in any case your card is stolen, damaged, lost, or destroyed, unfortunately, it will not be substituted and you will lose your remaining balance. You can also read the fine print in this case.

More details about Kroger Gift Card

You can even use more than one gift card for purchasing anything.

At the checkout option, one or more gift cards would be implemented to the balance due first, and then if there is any remaining balance, the system will ask the customer to provide another payment option for the remaining payment. 

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Also in gcbalance, the gift card works just like cash and the customer’s name does not appear on the card

However, the price of gift card ranges between $10 to $250

Luckily, as long as there is an amount on the card, it will not expire and you can use it for whatever time you want!

Terms & Conditions for Order Processing and Cancellation 

Unfortunately, some of the customer’s orders may not be accepted or might be cancelled as Kroger Co. and the staff holds the right to cancel any order, at any time due to valid reasons. 

The various reasons may include a limit on present quantities, limit on the whole purchase price, inaccurate or false personal or credit information, fail in obeying the Federal, State, and local rules and regulations, or any issue identified as fraud. In this case, Kroger will notify the customers if the order is refused or cancelled. 

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