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If you have been caught in a case of traffic violation and don’t want to go to the police stations and bureau agencies then don’t panic. Payonlineticket is a secure online website where you can submit your fine just by sitting at home. This website helps you to pay the fine online but you have to pay it on time because late submission may cause you more charges.

You may receive two sorts of tickets. One ticket you get when you turn right while the red signal is on. The other ticket you get when you break the red signal and keep on driving. You will receive an official email from the traffic agencies where you can find the notice for a traffic violation case. You can pay any of both tickets from the website

Highlights About Payonlineticket

There are some important things about Payonlineticket, which you must know.

  • You have two choices for paying your fine. Either you can directly visit the traffic control agency of the city where the incident has happened. Or else you can pay the charges through the official website.
  • You cannot use this website if you are under 18 as there is an age limit.
  • In case if you are under 18 and got the traffic violation case then your parents or your guardian will be responsible for the traffic violation case. Therefore, they will pay through this online website.
  • No matter whichever way you choose to pay the fine, make sure that you pay at the right time. Late fine submission will cause extra charges of 100$.
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How to Pay from Payonlineticket

There are a few tips through which you can use the website to pay your fine.

  • Make sure your device is connected to a reliable internet connection.
  • Now open your website browser and visit the official website of Payonlineticket, which is
  • After visiting the website, you will see the first page where you have to enter a text from a picture.
  •  After that, enter your ticket number of the violation case and submit it.
  • There is an option of ‘Don’t know your ticket number?’, you can tap on this button and you will find the notice or ticket number of violation case.
  • Moreover, you will be required to enter some of your details such as your name, address, vehicle tag number, credit card information, and the violation number.

Privacy Concerns of Payonlineticket

Payonlineticket has a strict privacy policy that is followed by the company itself and it is supposed to be followed by the people as well. You need to accept the condition and terms of this website to continue with the process.

  • Privacy of Personal Information

This website uses firewalls and data encryption to keep your data secure and safe. Your personal information stays safe with this website. There are strict policies and regulations through which your details cannot be leaked out.

  • Compilation of Your Data

This website requires some of your information to be submitted including your first and last name, address, the vehicle tag number, credit card information, etc.

  • Age Restriction
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There’s a certain age in which you can use this website. For instance, if you are under 18 then you are not eligible for this website. Your parents or guardian will take responsibility on your behalf.

  • Amendments in the Privacy Policy

Payonlineticket has all the legal rights to make changes in its policies anytime. To keep updated about the policy, you must check the website regularly.

Step by Step Payment Procedures

There are a few payment methods, which you can use at your convenience.

  • By Visiting the Traffic Police Control Department

You can visit the traffic police department or Municipal Department to clear the payments. You need to take your violation ticket number and the fine payment with you. The traffic police department will do some inspection, check your violation ticket number, get the payment, and will let you go.

  • To pay through the official Website

You can search for the official website of Payonlineticket to clear your payments, as it is one of the most convenient ways. 

  • Through the Toll Free Number

Dial (877) 262-3318 if you want to pay your violation fine through the phone. You can call on the weekdays from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can tell your ticket number and credit card number to the call agents and they will deduct the required amount from your bank account.

  • By Sending Mail

Use their PO Box number to send your payment. You can send your money order at City of the Oakbrook Terrace, PO Box 6702, Carol Stream, IL 60797-6702. You need to mention your violation ticket number to avoid any payment issues.

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Contact Details

In case you need any help or want to ask any questions regarding the online ticket so, you can dial their official contact number, which is 1-877-262-3318. They will respond to you right away and will provide a proper guideline.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of regular queries from people is below.

  • How much do I have to pay for the violation case?

100$ fine will be charged in case of breaking the traffic rules.

  • How to pay the fine?

You can pay your violation fine by visiting the website or by going to the Municipal building of the city where you are living.

  • What if I don’t pay on time?

If you are unable to pay your violation fine on time then an amount of 100$ will be added as a penalty. Therefore, you have to pay the double amount. To avoid this situation, it is better to pay the charges before the due date.

  • How can I contact the organization about any payment issue?

You can directly call to their official contact number, which is 1-877-262-3318 or 1-877-262-3356. The call representatives will give you the response right away and will help you with any kind of problem.    

  • Does the payment needs to be submitted at once or can I make installments?

There is no such policy of paying the amount by making installments. The whole amount needs to be submitted at once.

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