Google Map Will Guides you to Not Cross Speed Limits, Avoid Traffic Challan

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After a long waited, Google has finally announced speed limit within Google Map. The company started testing the features in two big metropolitan cities, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro in last two years.   

There are too many people using the other apps which guides them regarding the speed limit of their vehicle but now it has begun rolling out the features through Google Maps on iOS and Android devices which will helpful to people across the globe.

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The new feature will be display the speed limit on the corner of the app as well introduce an icon which shows the location of the cameras across the road.

Although, these all features were available on Waze in different countries across the world, when Google acquired it at very high price in 2013. Recently, Google Map sent too many updates to its users regarding the new features of its app.

According the Mashable, User receives an audio notification when it is approaching the maximum speed limit of that specific road during the driving. The update regarding speed limit is visible for the some countries initially such as United State, Denmark and United Kingdom, meanwhile the other features like camera location of this app is rolling out to Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India, Indonesia, UK and US users. This new app of Google will help those people a lot who are new driver and as well old age people across the world.

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May be you are one of those who will test these new features of Google Map in your upcoming trip. You have needed to know that new features of Google app didn’t need any update required but one thing to ensure that you should have the latest version of Google Play Store on your iOS or android device.

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