Security Checks At the Airport

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The Importance of Security Checks at the Airport

From the beginning, security checks at the airport were not so necessary, especially before the 1960s. Still, some series of accidental harm such as high jacking and terrorist events on airplanes has made it increasingly severe.

Some of the reasons these checks are essential includes:

·         Protection against terrorists

The 9/11 incident gave the authorities a more significant reason to be intentional about security checks at the airport, to the point that it is difficult now to get through the airport with even a small bottle of water.

·         Fight against narcotics

The adverse effects of hard drugs on the economy and the community are so much. Still, the security check at the airport is also high to prevent these criminal acts.

·         Prevent smuggling

Transportation of illegal products like gold, stolen antiques, and in a few cases, rare and exotic animals in carry-on bags has made airport security very tight and has been successful over the years.

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·         Cyber-security

The dependence on technology for most aviation activities has made airport security even tighter to curb hackers and cyber-attacks on the air transportation network.

·         Protects passengers inside the airport

The mass shooting is another reason for beefing up security in public places like airports as these activities are going on the rise.

How does an X-Ray Baggage Scanner Check Dangerous Goods?

The increase in air travel makes security at airports and at all levels of travel a top priority due to the crowd at various traveling locations. Hence, the use of baggage scanners has become one way to ensure security.

·         How does an X-Ray Baggage Scanner work?

X-rays are photonic energies that are emitted from a radiation source. This source is usually an X-ray tube powered by a voltage source. This X-ray can penetrate materials and reveal their constituent parts even when sealed up and hidden to the naked.

When baggage goes through the X-ray scanner, it beams X-ray radiations on the bag. The image produced on the X-ray detector is then taken for analysis using computer software.

·         Using X-ray baggage scanner at the airport

Altogether there are four levels of checking when conducting safety inspections.

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First is the Airport Baggage Scanner – this is usually used to check the passenger’s packed items. The next is the metal detection door for the physical examination of the passenger. Then we have the magnetic detector, also known as the hand-held metal detector.

The final stage of inspection is manual inspection. This is when the passenger’s luggage is checked manually, and the passenger also is body searched.

When the inspection is done, the bag’s things will come up with a type of shape and colors that represent different things.

Yellow items are organic and safe. The green and black call for attention. When they appear in knives’ shapes, daggers then such traveler will have to open up the bag for further check.

Any other sharp object will also not be allowed entry into the airport and should not be seen with passengers.

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Is the X-ray baggage scanner harmful to the human body?

High levels of exposure to most radiation, including X-rays, are very harmful to the human body.

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The long-term contact of humans with radiation-emitting substances, for instance, in radioactive mining, can affect the human body’s normal cardiovascular activities, especially interrupting normal blood flow through the body.

However, X-ray baggage scanner emits very low doses of radiation, and humans are only momentarily subjected to it. Both X-ray baggage scanners and hand-held scanners typically take less than 30 seconds to scan baggage or even individuals.

Even when experiments show that there are health risks like cancer for radiations above ten millisieverts, X-ray scanners’ radiation is not big enough to measure.

Therefore, the X-ray baggage scanner is not known to cause any short-term or long-term harm to the human body or damage the human biological system’s internal cells.

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