Motorcycle Glove Safety Reviews 2020

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Your hands need as much protection as the rest of the body. Motorcycle gloves come in different materials and sizes that accommodate a certain ride. To keep your hands protected from the crash, there are certain guides about motorcycle glove safety. 

Wearing a pair of motorcycle gloves will protect your hands from accidents.

Motorcycle Glove Safety

What makes the safest motorcycle gloves?

Looking for the safest motorcycle gloves has definite features, which normal pair of gloves does not have. To gear up before you ride, certain things make your hands feeling protected from road accidents. 

To know what makes the safest motorcycle gloves, the points mentioned below:


Your hands are the most delicate part of the body that is more prone to accidents and injuries. With the existence of technology, more and more glove manufacturers add abrasion-resistant materials that help to protect cuts, rash and other friction burns from the road. 

The most common materials motorcycle gloves made are leather, textile or leather- textile hybrid. There are various types of textile materials used in gloves, which are nylon, Cordura, poly-fabric, perforated fabric and synthetic fabric. These materials make the safest motorcycle gloves as these materials help to reduce abrasion. 


Having comfortable gloves makes the safest protective gear for maximizing protection. To prevent fatigue and distraction, your hands must remain comfortable during your ride. For maximizing comfort is to measure your hands before you purchase the ideal gloves for your ride. Choose those gloves that fit well to your hands and that fits comfortably over your jacket sleeves. 

If you wear tight gloves, this would cause your hands to become numb. If you wear loose or bulky gloves, you will face difficulties of using the controls of your bike. When trying your gloves on, make sure the materials does not bunch up or pinch your fingers. The material of the gloves should stretch well over your hands for ensuring comfort during your ride. 

Safety standards

Like any other protective gear, motorcycle gloves carriers a safety standard, which approves by the law of transportation. This approval helps to make sure that the motorcycle gloves meets the safety regulation for riding on the road. 

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A good example of a regulatory body is a European regulation called Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This regulation covers motorcycle gloves that protect against personal injury during an accident. The PPE is legislation that supports a large number of products standards that specifically developed by CEN, the European standard body. This ensures that every protective gear must have adequate protection and no additional hazards introduced in the gear market. 

Impact protectors

When it comes to motorcycle glove safety, impact protectors are the most important part for hand protection. Some motorcycle gloves manufactured with knuckle padding, palm padding and other protection to prevent fractures and joint damage. 

The function of body armour helps to displace energy in the event of an impact. To look for the most suitable gloves is to buy a pair that has impact protectors for knuckles and wrist. Choose those gloves that are likely to strike the ground or dragged across the surface of the road. Impact protectors must secure in place when trying the gloves on. 


Motorcycle gloves must have long durability that helps to prevent ripping off the material during the ride. The stitching of the gloves is the major impact of motorcycle glove safety. If the gloves only have single stitching, then it would not do any good to protect your hands from impacts. 

Splits or bursts are the most common issue for motorcycle gear to fail. To look for ideal gloves for your ride is to check the way the gloves have stitched. If the gloves have double or triple rows of stitches, it is a sign of durable motorcycle gloves. To check for stitching is to try them on and feel inside the gloves to check the row of stitching. 


Riding a motorcycle provides with full coverage starting from your head down to your feet. The motorcycle gloves should extend around 5cm above the wrist. To maximize your protection, you must cover your body with a helmet, jacket, pants and a pair of boots. If you do not have a helmet, you can consider looking for the best motorcycle helmet under $300 from protective gear stores or online. 

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The motorcycle gloves must secure well into your hands to avoid coming off during your ride. Gloves come in various fasteners such as Velcro straps, zippers, and many others. These fasteners help the gloves to prevent ripping off during the crash. When fastening your gloves, make sure that the fasteners are inside the wrist and the gloves should be easy to wear and remove. 

When trying your gloves, have someone to pull off your gloves. If they pull very easily, chances are you will likely to suffer from a crash, leaving you unprotected. To ensure you are wearing the right gloves is to check your fasteners and the size of your hands. 


Motorcycle gloves come in various colours and designs to suit the style of your ride. Most gloves come in black; you can choose any colour you like. As long as the gloves stand out to the time of day you ride. For instance, if you ride at night, you need to choose light colours that stand out during nighttime. 

Some gloves may have reflective piping for visibility. When it comes to decoration, you should avoid using studs or buckles, as this would cause to penetrate the protective layer of the glove and injure your hands. The metal studs get hot when sliding across the road and could hurt your skin. 

Riding Condition 

Motorcycle gloves have designed certain materials that accommodate to a certain riding condition. Some gloves are perforated which makes a perfect summer ride and others have a thermal material to keep your hands warm in winter. To choose a suitable glove is to consider the weather patterns and the terrain you ride. Choosing the right gloves for your ride makes the safest motorcycle gloves. 

Types of Motorcycle Gloves

Now you know the factors that make the safest motorcycle gloves. To protect your hands from accidents, there are various types of gloves for a certain ride. Protective gears manufactured different types of gloves for different riding conditions. 

There are different types of motorcycle gloves with each explained below:

Street Gloves

Street gloves are for those riders who ride on their street bikes. These gloves have short cuffs for comfort and some form of impact protection. With the growing number of riders using their touchscreen phones, street gloves have touchscreen fingertips to use their devices without taking off the gloves. Street gloves come in leather, textile and leather- textile hybrid. 

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Racing gloves

Racing gloves are best for aggressive and riding on racing tracks. Racing gloves are made of leather with an extra gauntlet design for added protection of the forearm. These type of gloves has knuckle protection, palm sliders and excellent ventilation system. Racing gloves tend to be expensive due to their performance nature. 

Touring gloves

Touring gloves have various lengths and work for all riding conditions with touring bikes. These gloves are made of either textile or textile-leather hybrid. Touring gloves are expensive and bulky due to their technical features and materials. Touring gloves works the best in mild conditions. 

Adventure gloves

Adventure or dual sport gloves are perfect for dual sport riders. These type of gloves are either made of textile or leather-textile hybrid. With such definite features, adventure gloves have the dexterity and offer impact protection for on and off the street terrains. 

Dirt bike/Off-Road gloves

Dirt bike or off-road gloves are suitable for riders who ride off the street terrains. These types of gloves are lightweight, easy to grip and offer no impact protection. Off-road gloves contain a thin protective layer for abrasion resistance and only lasts a season or two. 

Gauntlet gloves

Gauntlet gloves have an extra length for added protection of the forearms. These type of gloves has multiple reinforcements on the knuckles and the fingers. Gauntlet gloves have palm shields for maximum protection and are ideal for extra coverage in case of a crash. 


Here are the definite guides on motorcycle glove safety. These factors make the safest motorcycle gloves that help to protect your delicate hands in the event of a road accident. To consider looking for ideal motorcycle gloves is to refer to these points above. Your hands will ensure a safe ride from severe impacts. 

So wear the best motorcycle gloves and enjoy the ride!

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