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Lead Generation form

Most of the time, when we talk about the time, you completed a lead generation form and had a great experience doing so? In most situations, your answer is that you don’t enjoy doing them because most lead generation forms are plain boring. 

It is essential to create your lead generation form templates exciting and attractive because it is a marketing process. It is one of the best ways to capture the interest of the visitor in your business. You have to use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and email newsletter to create traffic toward your lead generation form.

What is a Lead Generation Form?

If you are searching, what is a lead generation form? You are at the right place. It is a web form. The primary purpose of the lead form is to capture emails and other information of potential customers. There are many types and shapes of lead generation forms such as:

  • Contact form
  • Registration form
  • Simple newsletter signup forms   
  • Application forms
  • Event registration form
  • Membership form
  • Signup form
  • Evaluation form
  • Order form
  • Request form
  • Human resources form

These forms are seen as powerful selling assets that can be essential to your business expansion and success. Online companies use them to attract website visitors, convert them into leads, and eventually turn them into customers.

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Examples of Lead Generation Form Templates

Here we have some most popular brands on our list of lead generation examples on the form.

  1. Shark
  2. Yumi
  3. Back to the Roots
  4. Yumble
  5. Daily harvest
  6. Expat.com
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Netflix
  9. MikeLardi.com
  10. Simple Habit

Tips for Creating an Engaging Lead Generation Form

You can convert your lead generation form like crazy if you follow the psychological and design tactics. We will now discuss the important points you have to keep in mind while creating a lead form.

  • Use Logic Branching to Ask Related Questions.

When you create your surveys, forms, and quizzes, it is essential to employ conditional logic. Use of multiple steps in states is usually a good thing, but you can show or hide specific actions to individual users based on the answers they previously provided.

For example, if someone says they’ve never used a sandwich maker before, it makes no sense to ask them about the manufacture they prefer, so you have to skip that step.

  • Promote Your Lead Generation Form

There is no use to create an engaging lead form if you are not promoting it.advertising can be done by your blog, websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter etc.

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You need the embed code from your content’s share tab and paste it on your website where you want it to show. You can share it via email to drive more traffic. 

  • Avoid Making Your Form Look Like a Form.

Now when graphic technology is on another level, people don’t like to fill out traditional forms. Filling out forms is not one of the exciting things you can do online. That’s the reason you have to try your best to make your form stand out from traditional forms.

  • Use Ready-made Lead Generation form Templates.

Many free online templates work best for use because they are created by professional who knows what works or whatnot. You need to customize them to meet your particular needs without having to build them from scratch.

How to Optimize Lead Generation Forms?

For optimizing the lead form, you just need these tricks to follow:

  • You can offer a discount.
  • Try to create distraction-free landing pages.
  • As a leading magnet, optimize your pre-existing content
  • If you have long-form, then divide them into multi-steps.
  • Add gamified discount wheel popups.


These lead forms are powerful marketing tools that can help you increase the number of conversions and sales for your online business. It can also be useful to create a better user experience for your potential customers on your website.

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