Key Point Of Difference Between Virtual Assistant & Office Assistant?

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Digitalization has allowed so many people through which they can earn money via using the internet. Generating money through the internet has become more accessible, and one gets to choose from numerous options. By opting for virtual services business not only saves their costs but gets quality work as well. And for people who want to work online, they can keep their time and work for multiple organizations at one time.

Suppose you are not looking to invest more in your business due to some financial constraints. One can hire full-time virtual assistants for their business. They work as your staff. Hiring a virtual assistantis relatively easy. All you have to do is post an ad online and just wait for the calls or mail. Virtual assistant companyis a good option for those businesses that are new in the market or those who don’t want to add up costs to their businesses. One can hire a virtual assistant for ecommerce store. They work on a full or part-time basis.

Hiring VAscomes with its pros and cons. They can work for more than one organization at a time. Because their main objective is to earn money, so they do work on multiple projects simultaneously. An organization also can hire a full-time virtual assistant and can enjoy his/her services. They can offer their services according to your company’s requirements. Hire a virtual assistantfor to your company and reduce your costs now.

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Difference Between A Virtual Assistant Different And An Office Assistant?

1. Place Of Work:

This is where the significant difference comes; an office assistant works according to a company’s assigned timings and seats in the office till that time and does her/his work. Whereas in terms of virtual assistant work from their home and they submit their work through the internet only, i.e., by mail mostly. For an office assistant, you have to arrange a setup including table, chair, laptop, and the internet, etc. but this is not the case with a VA because he/she works from their home, so they organize or manage all the things related to work. Thus VAs requires less expenditure in comparison to office assistants.

2. Allowances And Bonus:

An average office assistant requires a bonus and other allowances on special holidays or achieving a target. This motivates and boosts up your staff eventually. People work hard to earn a bonus so that they can add up to their salary. But in the case of VAs, it is not the case because they are not the actual staff of the company. They are not eligible to get allowances and bonuses. Most of the VAs work on a commission basis, i.e., if their projects get completed, they get the money. So here, one can also save their money by hiring virtual assistants.

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3. Training & Workshops:

Training and workshops play a vital role in your staff growth, whether virtual or the actual staff. Most videos come with work experience, and some don’t. One only has to brief them about the company’s policies and how work has to be done. One doesn’t have to give them separate training because they are well-experienced people. But in the case of an office assistant, you may have to provide them with training before they start working for your company. It does add up to the cost of your company because the trainer takes his/her money from the company, not from the office assistant.

4. Distribution Of Money:

For office assistants, you have to pay them a fixed salary no matter what. One can deduct the salary if they take leave without mentioning. And whereas in the case of VA, one pays them according to per hour or per project. If a virtual assistant fails to submit her/his work, so they won’t get paid. Hiring a virtual assistant does to reduce your company’s expenditure and ads up to productivity. As the majority of VAswork on a project basis, they get paid accordingly. 


Always look for the right virtual assistant company and hire the best virtual assistants for your company. By adding Vasto your company, you not only increase productivity but reduce the cost of the company as well. Suppose your company is fresher, so you must go with virtual assistants as they don’t add much to your expenses. And it will be beneficial for your company’s growth in the initial years. Once your business starts to run smoothly, you can hire office assistants.

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