Is Ghost Better Than WordPress?

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Let’s say you decided to launch your own website. Have you already answered the question: who hosts this site? If you do not plan to write code for a project from scratch, you will need to choose a convenient CMS. Different resources need different management tools. Also, design templates, visual graphics, or the ability to customize the acceptance of payments in different ways may be important for you. In this article, we’ll do a quick comparison review of WordPress vs Ghost. And with the help of specialized online services, you can choose the best Ghost hosting. Now, let’s find out if this platform is a good alternative to WordPress.

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Ghost vs WordPress: Should You Ditch WordPress and Start Using Ghost?

Until a few years ago, power users said that WordPress was for blogging, but for other sites it was weak. But the service eventually turned into a full-fledged CMS! But maybe there is a need for a new platform? The blogging platform Ghost is the new contender for past champion.


  • If you are going to use Ghost, your server must support Node.js. Luckily, there are a number of providers out there that offer Ghost-friendly hosting for as little as $ 5 a month.
  • Since WordPress is built on top of PHP, this engine is supported by almost any hosting provider. In addition, the CMS has a distinct advantage: it has been refined and optimized for the past 11 years. Installing it is pretty simple. It only takes a few minutes. Therefore, in this category, WordPress is the clear winner.
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User interface

We really appreciate the care with which Ghost’s user interface has been designed. It’s better than the WordPress interface.

Creating new posts on both platforms is extremely easy. That being said, Ghost uses a two-column layout, which is easier to use.

Not sure about writing a font style? Click the Markdown help button to open a pop-up list of suggestions.

Post creation in WordPress is completely different from Ghost. In WordPress, you get a traditional WYSIWIG editor with tons of bells and whistles and the ability to preview your post before publishing.

How to administer and use code snippets in WordPress?

WordPress has grown very massive over the past few years. In the administration panel, the tools are positioned correctly. But as you add plugins and shortcodes, the work area can get too cluttered.

What is the easiest blogging platform to use? Ghost wins this nomination. A two-column design works better.

Functionality and settings

WordPress is so feature-rich that it can be a little overwhelming at times. Especially when using an upscale theme.

But the developers have gone too far. The problem is that themes have become so vast that they make the platform too difficult to use.

WordPress has a huge number of free plugins available in the official repository. Good premium plugins are available at CodeCanyon.

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But there are many themes already created for Ghost. This is clearly visible in the Ghost Marketplace assortment. On the other hand, there are still few plugins for Ghost as it is a new platform.

So when it comes to functionality, WordPress is the clear winner.

Simple conclusions:

The winner is WordPress. But for how long? I recommend using Ghost to deploy your blog. It is better to create larger sites based on WordPress. As far as security is concerned, it does not depend on the chosen CMS. Each of these platforms also does not hinder site loading speed or bandwidth. It is only about the availability of certain functions that you may need in the process of managing your project.

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