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Charter Spectrum is one of the largest cable TV, home phone, and internet providers in the United States. With coverage spanning over 44 states, it has a subscriber base of well over 30 million households all over the United States. The provider offers affordable internet services, cable plans, and home phone packages. It also encourages subscribers to bundle services by offering great deals on Spectrum internet packages periodically. 

However, the provider’s internet services remain its most popular offering by far, and that is in part thanks to a robust Security Suite included with internet plans.

Why Do I Need a Security Suite?

While the wonders of the internet never cease to amaze us, there is also a darker side to it. We all enjoy shopping online, browsing social media, and streaming content. But what we tend to forget is that a cybercriminal may be waiting just around the digital corner. Cybercrime is the uglier side of the internet, and it can cost businesses billions in losses in terms of data, revenue, and credibility. Even individuals are not safe from cybercrime. In fact, they often present easier targets than corporations that have stronger security measures in place. 

A simple click on a suspicious link or downloading an untrusted file could be enough for someone to gain access to personal information like your accounts, bank information, credit or lending data, and even your digital identity. Suffice it to say, if you use the internet on an unsecured device without security software you may be inviting cybercriminals to take advantage of your carelessness. Since most residential internet users don’t know enough to differentiate between a good and a mediocre piece of software, providers often offer their own security software. The Spectrum Security Suite powered by McAfee is a good example.

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What is Spectrum Security Suite?

Spectrum Security Suite is a software product included with all of the provider’s internet plans. It is essentially a strong and efficient antivirus that protects your Windows or Mac computer from viruses and other malware during your everyday internet activities. The Security Suite offers layered security against virtually all known computer viruses and is continually updated to combat the latest cyberthreats that emerge from time to time.

The Advantages of Using the Provider’s Security Suite

There are several very good reasons to make use of the Security Suite that comes with the provider’s internet plans. At the top of the list is the fact that it offers strong security protocols that protect your computer and network. The Security Suite also issues real-time warnings and alerts as to when new threats emerge in the system. You can also configure it to send you alerts via SMS. To ensure you are always up to date on the latest security concerns on your devices, the software can be set to push notifications to the top of the screen both on a browser and on a smartphone.

The Disadvantages That Come With the Security Suite

Of course, like most technology, there is a flip side to the provider’s software. Of course, the list of disadvantages isn’t as extensive as the list of advantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is the lack of language options the software is programmed to work with. You will find common ones like English and Spanish, but it may be more difficult to switch to languages like Korean, Swahili, or Tagalog. That means you may have some difficulty navigating the software if English is not your first language or if you don’t speak it fluently. The antivirus software only protects up to three computers at a time. So if you have a lot of devices, you may have to forego using some of them for everyday activities.

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The Features That Set It Apart

The reason why the provider chose McAfee as it’s antivirus security software partner is fairly obvious. McAfee offers some of the strongest protections in the Digital Age for your computer, browsing, and digital identity. It offers extensive protection for your devices, and it contains a dashboard that analyzes all running applications and programs in real-time. It offers protection against a large number of modern viruses that include direct action viruses, browser hijacker, multilateral viruses, and resident viruses. 

You can set it to automatically detect and remove viruses, relieving you of the responsibility to deal with them yourself. It also protects you against spyware and informs you when you are visiting an unsecured or flagged website. All-in-all, the Security Suite is a useful piece of software for the internet-savvy subscriber.

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