How to Make an Event Marketing Plan

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At present, thanks to the evolution of digital marketing and with the help of tools such as social networks, or communication, an event can be made tremendously effective. We show you how a good digital marketing plan can be the key to turning an event into something memorable! 

How to Make an Event Marketing Plan 7 Steps

The figure of the online marketing agency is becoming more and more consolidated for the implementation of events. We show you some of the requirements they take into account to create a good event marketing strategy.-*

1. The Importance of the Web

The website  event marketing, as well as the registration form, where users will become attendees, is essential in any marketing strategy. Invest time and effort in developing a website consistent with the event and with good web usability. On the visual side, focus on images and typography, on the technical side in a simple, leak-free register. 

2. The Content is the Reference

Content marketing is very important to increase anticipation before an event. Therefore, creating content and submitting it in the different phases of the process is totally effective in engaging attendees. Define each of the phases and create quality and useful content for each stage.

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3. Use the Mailing

Email marketing campaigns are based on mailings for a defined period of time to keep the audience up to date. The goal is to push users to the goal of said event. For an email campaign to be effective, it must be well segmented and personalized to create good experiences for recipients.

4. Social Networks are Key

Both organically and paid, social networks are the perfect solution to promote any type of event. What are you to do? Share content, use short terms such as hashtags or direct and easy-to-remember titles, design eye-catching images or infographics, and use short, quality videos.

5. Don’t Forget About SEO or SEM

It is mandatory that the website created for an event has a good search engine positioning so that users can find it easily. Work on SEO to search for words that have to do with your event and also SEO on the website’s blog. Here you can position yourself as an expert in the field through content related to the theme of your event.

Ah! And remember that where you do not arrive with organic positioning, you can use advertising on Google. Both lines must be complementary and through SEM campaigns, initially, a paid advertising strategy can be more effective.

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As you can see, digital marketing offers you countless possibilities to promote and publicize an event. Thus, and by carrying out these actions, you will achieve impact and visibility in your event, position yourself within the treated sector and make users become their own attendees.

In addition, once the event is done and after the event, it is easy to get facts and figures about how it went and how much money you have invested in a marketing campaign. For this there are different tools that help you in this task. But, not only that is possible, it is also possible to calculate the impact of an artist in a concert as well as the number of people who enter a venue or the money spent in said event.

6. Establish your Performance Review Metrics

In your marketing campaign, write down the exact metrics that you will use to evaluate the performance of your event.Evaluate the number of attendees, networking activities, or social media posts.Many event management systems (for example, event applications) help you collect the data.

7. Build your Collaboration Strategy

Your company and its sponsors share the same goals in terms of attracting more attendees to your event and increasing brand visibility. You should use this common goal to motivate them to participate in promoting your event. On the other hand, you can increase the visibility of sponsors through event websites, as well as ad banners, company profiles, and coupons / giveaways in your event app.

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