Top SEO Secrets That You Must Know

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Have you hired the best SEO Company in India? If yes, there are some secrets that SEO companies never share with anyone to maintain their expertise.

Do you know what those secrets are?

Explore them right below.

Google’s Ranking Algorithm

Google changes its algorithm frequently. Also, they don’t notify or announce their algorithms before they change them. Hence, you have to make your website ready for it. That’s the biggest challenge for SEO. You can use tools such as Google Algorithm Change History that might help you to analyze changing algorithms. You can also use Google Webmaster Central Tool for this task as well. And get best SEO service from Shopify Seo Expert.

SSL Encryption

SSL encryption might seem small, but it is a smart tool for your website. In 2014, Google introduced SSL encryption, and it has grown in massive popularity ever since.

The major motive of SSL or HTTPS is to improve the security of your website. This is a great SEO practice that ensures that anyone visiting your website is safe from spam, and they would access the data in a safe manner. You can activate SSL encryption for an eCommerce website because it includes sensitive data such as card details, addresses, etc. Any random visitor might not know about SSL encryption, but you and the search engine crawler can recognize it. Implementing SSL encryption is not a time-consuming process. All you need to do is just contact your hosting provider.


Structured Data

Another SEO secret is that structured data is important. Structured data helps Google to decide which search results must appear. Most people also call it Schema. Data such as images, rating, and location enhance your website’s ranking and boost its chance to appear in the competition.

Meta Descriptions

Meta description plays a crucial role in your SEO strategy. This tag is same as that of the title tag and provides information that person sees when they reach your page. This is the best way to enhance click-through rates for increasing your keyword ranking. Besides, a meta description must be less than 160 characters. 

You must use compelling language, including a CTA (Call To Action), to entice your visitors to visit your website.

Canonical Tags

It’s important to use a canonical tag in the header. This tag will tell Google that your page is the authentic version of the respective page. You can easily beat the competition by using the canonical tag. And above everything, you can avoid having duplicate content on the site.

Quantity v/s Quality

Content is the key to a successful website. Many companies try to post as much content as possible, which is good. But, compromising the quality of content for the sake of quantity isn’t a good move. Make sure your content is unique, rich in quality, and informative. With each content, you must try to teach your audience something new.


Now the secrets are revealed.

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