How To Export Hotmail Contacts And Email Addresses

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If you are one of them who are enjoying the service of MSN Hotmail, you can easily Export Hotmail Contacts and email addresses between Hotmail and outlook as well other desire format or application. In these day, people have more than one email account on different email application.

Sometime people need to transfer or export their email address or contacts to other application that is why the need to know how it do without any trouble. If you are using Hotmail and want to export Hotmail contacts and email addresses for sue to another free email service application then it is very easy to do.

The mechanism of acquire your contacts from hotmail and transfer is very swift including (all details while window constantly switched). If you are regular user of Free MSN Hotmail user then you need to try and check the benefits of MSN Hotmail Plus Account. Because for this, you can synchronize you Email Contacts comfortable between Hotmail and Outlook.

Export Hotmail Contacts and Email Addresses

  • If your Hotmail Contacts save in CVS File then you can import in email account in no time.
  • Sign in to your Hotmail Email Account.
  • At the top of Hotmail navigation bar at the top left side of the page.
  • Choose people.
  • Click on Print View.
  • Highlight with the mouse, all content including name, email and phone number.
  • Now there are three different command to copy the table.
  • Press:    For window: Ctrl-C, For Mac: Command-C, For Linux: Alt-C.
  • you can open new excel or and select Edit/Paste.
  • Now you can sort the data as you want in one of these applications.
  • And can copy/paste.
  • Remove all whitespace character in the Email Column.
  • In Excel Sheet, Trim Email column from the menu.
  • In, you can open and search “[: space:]+$”
  • Now select File/Save As.
  • And Finally, you have to make sure, Txt CSV(.cvs) for saving the file.
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