Difference between Hard bounce and Soft bounce

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In this Article, we will tell you the difference between the hard bounce and soft bounce. When you send an email to a friend and refuse by the email server, it’s called a bounce.

An email bounce back is technical error “returned to sender” whether it is the hard bounce or soft bounce.

  • There are many types of email bounce, you can face in your day to day communication on the internet.

Hard bounce and Soft bounce are two main types of Bounce email, which you can further categories on the exact reason or error code you received by automated email.

You can be found these email error or email bounce back in your paid campaign report through your server, in which you differentiate that, these are the hard bounce or soft bounce email error.

You can also understand the performance of your email delivery by using any spam filter testing tool. An email bounce back is technical error “returned to sender” whether it is the hard bounce or soft bounce.

It is good to learn about the exact reason of an error code or email bounce back to put your effort in the right direction to achieve your internet marketing goals.

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If you are doing or interested in future to plan to start internet marketing to grow or develop your business then you must need to understand every aspect of email bounce back such as hard bounce and soft bounce email errors.

We should need to know that the hard bounce is a permanent block or permanent error. This is clear now whatever reason, you can’t be able to send email more on this email address.

Hard Bounce

Firstly, we talk about the hard bounce. It is also called permanent bounce. If you are trying much time to send an email to someone and you couldn’t be able to succeed then it will be the issue of the hard bounce.

In this particular case, an email will not be delivered to your desired email address. A Permanent bounce or hard bounce may b the result of “Invalid” email address. It is also known as the permanent problem.

Some typical reason for the hard bounce

  • Recipient mail box is full.
  • Domain error: Type wrong email address or email address not exist.
  • Large Email: If your email contains large content or images or attachment files.
  • Spam: If your message considered as spam email.
  • Un known users: if you type the wrong spell before (@gmail).
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Soft Bounce

secondly, we talk about the soft bounce. It is also called temporary or short term bounce. If you are facing soft bounce issue then no need to worry because it is a temporary issue.

In this case, after someday, you can able to send an email to that particular email address. These temporary bounce issues normally can resolve their own but sometimes you should need to observe closely.

Some example of the soft bounce

  • The email is temporarily suspended due to some reason.
  • The desired mail box is full.
  • You have been blocked for some different reasons. May b considering your email address as spam.
  • Outage issue or server down issue.
  • Your email address considering as the blacklist.
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