How much does it cost to install a CAT5 cable?

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If you are a businessman or a house owner, installing a wired network in your house or business is essential. If you are manufacturing a new company or a place, wiring is an important task. Today there are different types of cable CAT5, CAT5e, 6, and 7.

Here we will discuss CAT-5 installation cost. This cable system is insulated with fibre optics. For a single room, the price may be range from $ 120 to $ 200. It is much costly, but this investment has worth your money.  

Wiring Costs/ Average Cost of CAT5 and CAT5e Cables

The cost of the wires depends on the activity of the work. If you want to use CAT5and CAT5e cable for a computer in the office or the home, it’s easy to install, and its cost will be according to feats. If you buy one foot of fibre optic wire, it will be about $ 6 or $ 7.

So if you want to install this cable at your whole house or the office, it will depend on the building area, and the cost will be according to these criteria. Installation of these cables in a whole house is less expensive than CAT6 AND CAT 7.

The second main thing you must know is the cost of all the essential components of the cable system. As you know that fibre optic is very costly, so the rates vary for different installing it in other places.

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Among all the hardwired cables CAT5 and CAT5e are the cheapest ones. There is not much difference CAT5 has a capacity of one Gigabite while CAT5e is a little higher.

The average cost per foot of CAT5 will be $0.02, while CAT5e will be $0.025.So it will be affordable if you will do it by yourself, and if you call some professional for its instalment, it will cost nearly $400, while the average cost of a CAT5e will be about $500. So these are much reliable and affordable as well.

These cables are cheaper among all other CAT-6 and 7. The entire cost of its installation in the home or office will be approximately $1500. If you have a low budget for installing a hardwired system, CAT5 will be the best option for you. They will run at the speed of one Gigabit.

The other thing is if you are using a VoIP system, CAT5 is good for you. They will run the VoIP networking. If you want to remove the old cable and install CAT 5, one office cost will be about $65 to $85. It includes labour costs as well.

So its price for a small house with four rooms will be $260 to $340. It is not only the cost of wiring, and this includes detaching previous wires as well. So it will be affordable, not much costly.

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  CAT5Cost For One PointCost For Two Points
1 – 6$85$125
7 – 12$75$115
13 – 24$55$95
24 – 48$40$80
Above 49$35$70

 Some Reasons to Upgrade CAT5 Cables

If you have a high budget, then replace it with CAT7 or 6. There are some reasons for this. Firstly, its speed is slow. Secondly, today in this technological and technical time it will not fulfil your all needs.

These cables use twisted cables, and their speed is only one Gigabit. These are the cheapest ones. On a low budget installing these cables will also worth it.


In conclusion, I will say that if you want to install a completely new hardwired network system or you want to replace your old one with CAT5 or CAT5e cable, it will not be much costly. Hire someone or install it by yourself.

It will cost less when you do a DIY project, but if you want to hire a professional, it will be costly but not too much; it will be affordable. CAT5 also cable worth if you don’t have enough budget for installing an updated internet system.

So above is the complete guide of the cost of CAT5 networking cables with some advantages and drawbacks. You can check it out for installing, or you will get the idea of spending on the cable networking system.

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