Benefits of Using a Mobile Proxy

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Not all companies have the same level of interest in online security and privacy. Those that do are very well aware of proxies and what they can bring to the business. Mobile proxy is the newest addition to the proxy family. There are still a few misconceptions about it, especially in terms of what it does, when to use it, and what benefits it brings.

Since there are several types of proxies, it’s very important to know each one’s specifics and use cases. Today we will shine some light on mobile proxies to help you make an informed decision and assess whether you should use one to launch your business to success.

The mobile proxy and what makes it different

A mobile proxy, as its name suggests, is related to mobile technology. Unlike all other proxies, which are location-based, mobile proxies are portable. In layman terms, a mobile proxy is a portable device with access to the internet. There is another feature that makes them unique. Instead of connecting to the internet via a lan cable, mobile proxies access it via a mobile connection.

Mobile proxies are often part of the carefully planned and set up networks with 3G, 4G, and now 5G internet connections. What makes them the same as any other proxy server is their role. A mobile proxy acts as a middleman between a client and a server. They offer a safe and convenient way to access the world wide web indirectly, thus protecting your online identity and hiding your phone’s true IP address.

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Since there are many mobile proxies in a network, the end-user’s IP is never the same. The mobile proxies can rotate the IP address and redirect the traffic through several mobile devices. If you are interested in starting using mobile proxies, we suggest you check out the Oxylabs website for more information.

What main uses do mobile proxies have?

Mobile proxy’s main uses don’t differ that much from those of other proxies. They are often used to enable safe and ongoing web scraping strategies. Since they mask the authentic IP address and offer IP rotation, mobile proxies allow users to continue with web scraping without being detected by websites.

Mobile proxies can also help circumvent geo-restrictions. They enable end-users to access any content online, even if the website blocks their true IP address.

They are also used to protect users from being flagged for suspicious activity. 3G, 4G, and 5G networks have access to a pool of IP addresses. Once you connect to such a network without using a mobile proxy, an IP address from the pool will be assigned to you.

What if the previous user that used that IP address did something suspicious online? You will be the one to face the consequences of suspicious activity that can range from having to deal with a CAPTCHA to getting banned.

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Why do businesses use them?

Businesses often leverage all methods available to them to get a competitive advantage. One of those methods is web scraping. Companies often use it to make price comparisons, gauge the target market sentiment, or get access to other sensitive information.

Doing it without proper protection can result in a temporary and permanent IP ban. A mobile proxy masks IP addresses and enables businesses to continue their web scraping initiative risk-free.

Some companies use mobile proxies to improve online security. As we mentioned earlier, mobile proxies mask the real IP address, making it virtually impossible to track and record your online business activity. It can be beneficial if your company becomes a target of cybercriminals. The mobile proxy creates a layer of protection that is virtually impossible to penetrate.

In addition, not a single device accessing the internet via a mobile proxy will save cookies. Cookies are often used for tracking, and since a mobile proxy deals with cookies by itself, your devices will remain cookie-free.

Companies in a particular niche can’t operate without mobile proxies. For instance, online marketing firms often use them to avoid having their clients’ online accounts being flagged for suspicious activity or banned.

Thanks to mobile proxies, these companies can log in to multiple social media and email accounts, analytics tools, and various cloud-based solutions without jeopardizing their clients’ reputation and online assets.

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Finally, mobile proxies enable businesses to securely access the internet and go on with their tasks across all devices. It’s extremely important as many companies have BYOD practices with the workforce equally using desktop and mobile devices.


Mobile proxies are a versatile solution to modern business needs and challenges. They offer quite a few powerful benefits. Businesses of all sizes across verticals use them to improve their online security and privacy practices, ensure ongoing web scraping practices, and continue to use multiple online accounts to manage and monitor marketing campaigns for their clients safely.

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