5 Popular Reasons for Using a VPN

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Virtual private networks have exploded on the scene in recent years as more and more people use them for one reason or another. There are so many different types of cyber-attacks and data theft online these days that you need to keep yourself protected at all times. You must stay on top of your own personal safety while connecting online, especially in public areas.

While a virtual private network usually comes with the same function set for everyone who purchases it, there are many reasons why people may need one. Whether you are located in a country where harsh censorship is in place or you just can’t stand the Netflix library you have offered locally, a VPN will help you.

Getting around geographic restrictions

Every country in the world has different variations when it comes to censorship, available media content, and just about everything else regarding the internet. While some countries offer fairly open access to everything, others are quite the opposite. If you live in a highly restricted country, a VPN will allow you to access otherwise inaccessible websites and material. Here are best vpn for netflix so you u can enjoy all the content without geographic restrictions.

Moreover, depending on your location, streaming content can heavily fluctuate in quality and quantity. For example, a lot of Canadian Netflix subscribers find that they lack in content compared to their American brethren. With a VPN, you can easily change your IP address to make it look like you are from a different country to access its streaming content.

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Privacy on public networks

Just about everyone will have had to use public wi-fi at some point. The problem with public networks is that they tend to heavily lack in the security department, making everyone on them vulnerable. If you are using a reliable virtual private network service, you should be protected from prying eyes.

As a VPN works to hide your location by routing your encrypted data through another network, hackers and trackers on public networks won’t even realize you are there. This is going to add a huge layer of protection when you are out in public, and while this doesn’t stop all attacks, it is certainly well worth the price.

Hide your IP address

People will have many reasons they want to hide their real IP address. If you have to ask, ‘What is my IP address?’ there is a very basic answer. It is a string of up to 4.3 billion different numbers that give your computer or device an identity online. Through this address, hackers can track your location and even steal your data. Find more information here: https://nordvpn.com/what-is-my-ip/

A VPN will make it seem like you are using an IP address that is somewhere entirely different than your real location. If you want to hide your real location while online, this is one of the best ways to do it. It is not fail-proof, but it is going to offer some major protection to keep your privacy intact.

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Online gaming

Gamers are starting to realize the major benefits of using a virtual private network when gaming online. There are benefits to doing this. One of the major ones is hiding from potential DDoS attacks that are designed to interrupt and lag a designated player. You could either be targeted or unwittingly have your network used in one of these.

Also, since there is still a lot of bandwidth throttling across the globe caused by internet service providers, a VPN can be a big help. Since a VPN will encrypt and mask your data transmissions, your internet service provider will be quite unaware of the amount of bandwidth you use, thus keeping speeds fast.

Protect your private data

Everyone has some form of private and personal information on their computer, smart device, or home network. It is inevitable these days that you will have usernames, passwords, even banking information stored on these devices. And they must be properly protected. A VPN will keep your information out of the hands of people who are looking to sell it for a profit.

Keep yourself free and safe online

While a virtual private network isn’t the be-all and end-all of keeping yourself safe online, it is a service that provides numerous advantages. If you pair this with other forms of cybersecurity, such as antimalware and, most importantly, staying vigilant yourself, you should feel safe in the online world.

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