Top 5 best alternatives to the apple app store in 2021

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Have you bought a new phone? Now you will load it with many iOS apps. But Where will you head? Apple App Store? 

Google Play Store and Apple App Store are the two most popular and largest distribution channels. Undoubtedly they have the widest global coverage. 

Developers struggle hard to put their app on these two app stores. But you should know that there are other App Stores as well. The alternative app stores help the developers to find an alternative market for their apps. To be honest these alternative stores do not give you the same result as those two top ones as the audience reach is limited. 

Depending on the consumers you want to target, you can check out the alternative app stores list here and figure out what suits you. 

Top 5 best alternatives to the apple app store in 2021.

1. Appland

If you’re looking for the customers who are in international markets like Indonesia, Mexico, USA, Iran, Malaysia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt then Appland is the perfect iOS App Store for you.

Here you can run your own mobile app store or subscription club on the device you want. It allows you to distribute apps in 200 plus countries. You may notice a little lagging in terms of revenue model but the supporting team is very responsive and tries to solve your problems quickly.

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2. Dzmohaipa

It is an alternative app for iOS App Store. This platform is informal but is totally legal to use. The major Plus is you don’t have to jailbreak your device to install it.

FIR people can download unofficial games and apps. 

Dzmohaipa tweakdoor ++, dzmohaipa video star, ipa++ sans are to name a few!

3. GetJar

This is an app beta testing platform which was founded in 2004. It contains 0.85 million Plus apps. GetJar is one of the largest and independent mobile app stores. 

On GetJar customers get a wide range of apps which they can download and try out. For trying out different applications GetJar rewards virtual money that can be later obtained as discounts or free paid apps.

Through GetJar you can publish your apps and can target any device or platform. It claims to reach 2300 plus phones. The best part is that you can upload the apps with minimal requirements and free of cost. 

4. AppValley

Here are the other third party app installers with tons of iOS apps. just as they feel in a standard app store. There won’t be cases of hacking through iOS security change. It does not ask any special permission. Appvalley is comprehensive and versatile. It is free to use and easy to download and delete.

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There are many apps that are restricted to some countries only. This app store allows you to download and play any foreign app that you are unable to use otherwise.

It contains a whole library of Asian mobile apps. It allows the users to download the app directly into their device 

These are only 5 but you have other options as well. 

Reach us to know more about these Stores!

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