Top 10 Video Games for Engineers

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Video games are always part of the routine. It is not only a source of distraction from any situation but can also be a source of enjoyment and entertainment. When it comes down to engineers, then video games are their only option for fun. Different options are available for games but here are the top 10 video games that can be a great fun and a great source of inspiration that can provide you dissertation help in the future.

1. Tetris

Tetris was released in 1984 and is based on blocks game. Many versions of this game are available and easily run-on multiple platforms like PC, iOS, etc. This game is about making sudden decisions and boosts your sharpness. It is a good and challenging game for the engineer mind-set.

2. Fall out 4

It is the latest game with awesome graphics and a story. The game has the story of post-nuclear effects. The latest addition has added a new feature of building and expansions of factories and town within the city. This is an interesting game yet a complex one. This game can only be installed on a PC and console.

3. Factorio

As the name indicates, the story involves building factories. The player is stuck on a planet that has plenty of resources. The aim is to build such rockets to reach another planet which requires the infrastructure of that rocket and defend it from other monsters.

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4. The incredible machine

This game allows its user to access a variety of tools and machines to solve complex puzzles. This game boost creativity of the player and perfect for the engineer.

5. Minecraft

Minecraft is another interesting game that an engineer can play for enjoyment. It involves the survival of the player in complex blocks game where they need to collect tools and make structures that can help them to survive.


This game can only be run on a PC. This game comes under rescuing the city and making it secure from corruption. The main idea behind this game is the player is a structure analyst and has a defined role to upgrade the city and repair its damaged infrastructure.

7. Beseige

It is a structured game in which you develop middle age attack motors to pulverize mansions, obliterate foe troops, recuperate materials, and explore impediments.

8. Kerbal space program

It allows the player to play with the tools and build a rocket to reach every star and planet while considering different factors such as fuels, locations, flight, distance, speed, and much more. This game has fascinating surprises.

9. SpaceChem

The main idea of this game is of using different raw materials and use them to make commercial-scale chemicals. This game provides insights into chemicals, machines and makes it puzzle so that the player is forced to think out the box. It is suitable for chemical engineers.

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10. SimCity

This game will give you an idea of a constructor or city planner in a city. It includes constructing roads and different areas of the city and provide all the requirements for living. Moreover, it is an inspiring game for civil engineers.

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