7 Epic Gaming Room Ideas You Will Love

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In this post, we’ll be going over some epic gaming room ideas that you’ll love

Let’s get straight into…

Idea 1- LED lighting strips

No gaming room looks like a gaming room without it lighting up. Some simple adhesive LED lighting strips will help to bring your setup to life. You can put some around your desk which is where most of your time will be spent if you’re a PC gamer. You can even put lighting strips beneath your bed if it allows it. I love this effect since it can look like your bed is floating if you have the right type of bed.

Idea 2 – I big enough desk

The size of your desk will depend on your room. I would recommend getting as much desk space as possible. There are lots you can place on it such as your monitors, PC, peripherals, gadgets, etc.

Idea 3 – Gaming and TV shows items

I love this idea! All you have to do is determine your favorite games you’ve played and shows you’ve watched. For example, some of my favorite games and shows are:

  • Spiderman 2
  • The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
  • Bioshock infinite
  • Saints Row 2
  • Code Geass
  • Death Note

You can search for merchandise related to these shows/games and place them in your room. For example, if you like the Dragon Ball z series, you can get some Dragon Ball replicas from the show. And display them somewhere.

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It’s a simple way to decorate your room and add lots of personality to it.

Idea 4 – Speakers

Why do you think so many people go to the movies? It’s simple because they want to feel immersed in the movies they watch and escape the world. The number one way this is accomplished.

So if you want to feel immersed in the games and movies you watch, make sure to have a set of surround sound speakers. Something with a good amount of bass but still gives clarity to voices.

Idea 5 – Soundproof panels

If you live with others, don’t want to disturb your neighbors, or just want a better sound, soundproof panels will help. They’re pretty inexpensive these days since manufacturing costs have gone down and are still retaining quality. So make sure to get some panels and put them around a strategic area. For example, put them on the wall your speakers’ point at. That will help get rid of echoes and make for clearer sounds.

Idea 6 – Projector

A projector is a great way to watch movies and play games on a big screen by only taking up a few inches of space. Make sure to go with high quality, full HD projector, and have a clear wall to project on. A projector will also save you money and space at the same time. If you need a panel to project on, make sure it folds up easily to save space.

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Idea 7 – Cleaning gear

It’s not very exciting but cleaning gear is necessary. A lot of dust and gunk will gather and you need to get rid of it to keep your setup looking great. Make sure you’ve got a compact vacuum that has enough power to suck up any gunk. Techinshorts is a tech blog provides tech news. Dusting gloves are an easy way to wipe stuff down. Make sure you have a feather duster that can reach hard-to-reach spaces.

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