5 Reasons Why School Studies are more than Just a Burden Nowadays:

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He is going to be a doctor when he grows up,” said a mother about his six…… minutes old baby!

Whether you blame it on parenting, or the poor education system that most countries have, schooling has become more about running behind good grades than actually learning something. 

We see most kids under the pressure of providing good academic pressure. The competition has become global and we hardly take a break to observe the kind of mental dilemma that our system has created for the students of this generation. 

Conversation with most of the unemployed professors revealed that they too were not satisfied with the kind of education schools promote. According to their opinion, curriculums have been poorly designed and even more poorly implemented. 

So if you are a parent worried about the reasons why your kid’s energy feels drained right after school, here are some points you should be paying attention to: 

1. Cramming, Cramming and more Cramming 

The syllabus often has more than what average students can learn in a year. When the pressure starts to build up, most of them mug up everything instead of focusing on learning new concepts. 

2. They Don’t Know What To Do With So Many Things That They Are Told To Remember 

I remember when I was in school, history used to be the most boring subject. This might not be true for everyone, but I just could not deal with memorizing so many dates and events. 

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Imagine when you have to do that with subjects where you have the option of studying otherwise. Instead of explaining the concepts, most teachers leave it to their brains to remember everything they study. 

After all, our attention span is less as humans. We tend to forget half the things that we just talked about. That is the reason why so many graduates no longer remember what they studied in school. 

3. There is no Application 

Everything has been put up in a theoretical context. Even in school, kids are taught the “rules of grammar” instead of being encouraged to come up with the bestcustomwriting

We have forgotten how important learning by application is in school, colleges, universities, and even in practical lives. The science itself supports that our brain remembers what we did something by our hands longer than other things that we just read about. 

4. Students Are Not Encouraged To Participate 

This has a lot to do with the length of the curriculum. Since most teachers have to get done with a long course in just a matter of months, they tend to rush through the books without stopping and interacting with the kids. 

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The monotonous lecture then makes the whole class experience boring and tiring. On the other hand, when kids are encouraged to participate and provide feedback on what they are being taught, they are more present in the class and grasp the new concepts better. 

5. There is no Emphasis on Self-Learning 

When everything has been put down in a book and there is no effort to enhance its practical applications, students no longer feel interested in learning new things by themselves. 

I remember in my school years I often used to refer to Edubirdie review after school hours to improve my writing skills. Nowadays students are not interested in going out of their way for learning and growth. 

This is mostly because the given curriculum itself is enough burdening and does not leave room for other, more important activities. 

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