More people moved to Tennessee, Texas, and Florida than any other states in 2020 – Why?

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U-Haul, the moving and storage giant of the USA recently published one of their findings of the moving trends of USA people in 2020. The data shows that people tended to move to Tennessee than any other state in the USA in this period even in the pandemic situation. 

The second and third positions hold by Texas and Florida respectively. Before the pandemic, Texas was in the top position to welcome new residents from different regions. This stat is based on the moving using U-Haul service. 

However, California placed in the last position in this list since 2016. 

Reasons to move in TN, TX and FL 

There are several factors that geared people to settle in Tennesse and other 2 states in recent years which we found in our findings. 

Moving to Tennessee

Tennessee offers something exceptional and special benefits for everyone. The volunteer state is considered as the most stable fiscal condition for the last year having a charming lifestyle and cool vibe. 

Renting and buying houses and apartments in Nashville, the most popular city of TN is really affordable compare to the other states. Moreover, they have some outstandingly liveable neighborhood which is specialized for different types of people having different needs and status. For example, a few of their neighborhoods are purely dedicated to young professionals and singles, however, others for families. 

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Music in their blood! Nashville is known as the “Songwriters Capital in the World”. Tennessee is always alive with the vibe of country music, blues and jazz. 

The unemployment rate is too lower in this state and ready to welcome people for their wide range of open positions. 

Moving to Texas 

Texans are friendly. Texas has a long history of its culture and economical benefits. This lone star state has the second most population in the USA.    

The Economy of texas is booming and considered the healthiest state for fiscal stability. Jobs in the hi-tech industry, growing startup and GDP growth are responsible to move a lot more people each year in this state

Sports culture and industry is another powerful reason to move here. Many of the USA’s favorite professional teams like Houston Astors, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans and San Antonio Spurs are based on here and year-round sports events make this state popular to the outsiders. 

Unlike any other significant state, you can easily afford a home in Texas. Median listing home price in Pano, San Antonio is really cheap than other major cities in the USA. 

Moving Florida Reasons

The sunshine state welcomes lots of people each year for a long. The state is famous for its sunny and warm weather. Florida is blessed by its different attractive theme parks, diverse people and ethnicity and delicate foods. This is really an interesting place to live.

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Finally, U-Haul mentioned that more people came from California to Tennessee because of its lower income tax but lots of available jobs.  Another interesting stat from this research is California holds the last position here for the last 5 years. 

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