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With global businesses going completely online,  digitalization has opened doors to an array of content creation opportunities. Whether you are an independent content creator on YouTube or a multi-national brand seeking extensive promotions, it is indispensable that you establish a solid online presence.

Along with website development, having a comprehensive social media profile shall make your brand more accessible and widely recognizable. It is also pivotal that you choose more than one technique of marketing your brand online since standing out in the pre-eminent market competition demands an integrated approach.  

Video Marketing and ad Funnels

While email marketing and SMS advertising are crucial promotional tools, social media marketing cannot be left undermined in today’s time. A massive segment of the global population consumes data exclusively from the World Wide Web.

Your absence on the internet can make you a vulnerable integrated in the digitally-advanced business ecosystem. Once you set up camp for advertising on social media, content creation is the bonfire that’ll keep you warm. When it comes to attracting traffic through social media platforms, you’re always required to post quality content, and diversity is the essence of quality content creation. Video Makers have drastically made video marketing a profitable and economical marketing choice. 

An excellent promotional tool in the integrated social media marketing kit is video marketing. Major local and international brands circumvent conventional marketing techniques and strategize astounding video marketing campaigns that, more often than not, go viral on the internet and overpower years of print and other digital marketing methods. 

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A great way to market services or products online is through whiteboard animation videos. You’ll need to work with a high quality whiteboard animation company if you plan on doing this though, since whiteboard animations must look professional and flow well to be effective.

Video ad funnels are also an essential reason why more and more media agencies and businesses choose to promote their brand through videos along with static feed and blogs. The ad funnels navigate potential customers and prospects to your official website or social media profile. Google Search Engine is also a video-enthusiast that promotes content with videos embedded in them.

Various social networking sites have also enabled the option of inserting native videos in your online content. There are several video makers that you can find online for the creation of striking marketing videos that shall not just facilitate the easy storytelling of your brand but also enhance your business by boosting your audience engagement rate. Stimulate exponential growth with a well-strategized video marketing campaign. 

Tips to Strategize a Successful Video Marketing Campaign:

While there are a hundred types of marketing videos, there are three essential elements that are imperative in the creation of constructive videos; an enthusiastic intro, quality content, and outro that incorporates a strong CTA.

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 The importance of intros in promo videos is indispensable. An attractive logo animation video not only keeps your viewers glued to the screen but also helps build your brand identity in the long run. With a lively intro, you are recognized distinctly by netizens in a crowd full of content creators. Your intros must be precise and not longer than three minutes.

With videomakers, you can create effective intros for your marketing videos by simply exporting your logo onto the application and selecting a suitable template. The application automatically generates a professional-looking logo animation video for your brand. 

The video content must have a theme that resonates with consumer behavior. It is pivotal that you keep your content up to the point and not unnecessarily long since lengthy videos encourage a higher bounce rate which isn’t good for your brand identity. Enure that you do a hygiene check for grammatical errors or design overlapping, etc before posting your video.

Strategize your video marketing campaigns by carefully understanding the composition of your audience and the nature of your medium, for instance, a promo video for LinkedIn must be informative and professional while Instagram and Facebook encourage feel-good content that is visually appealing.

With the help of various video making applications, you can add transitions and animations in your video to make it more striking. You can further increase the impactfulness of your video by adding a suitable piece of background music. It is incredibly important that you choose a suitable video template for your promo videos that fall in sync with the theme of your video. 

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An outro is the segment of the video where you wind up the content. For testimonials and tutorials, outros are essentially important. You must strategize your outros wisely for maximum effectiveness. Along with intriguing content, your outros must also incorporate a strong call to action.

For instance, if your video is a make-up tutorial, in the outros you can provide links to your website, a pop-up to another video, or a direct swipe up option that leads your viewers to the purchase option of the product. The outros play a crucial part in generating leads and increasing the convergence rate of your brand. Use free video makers available online for creating mesmerizing promo videos with strong outros that leave an impact on the viewers.  

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