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While in Florida you must have heard about the renowned steaks from the Outback steakhouse, it is one of the ventures under the Bloomin brands incorporation or the BBI Connect as we know it.

Bloomin Brands Inc. is based primarily in the U.S. and owns 4 casual and upscale fine-dining restaurants. Famous for amazing food, pleasant environment and pocket-friendly prices these restaurants have become quite popular in the U.S.

Following are the four restaurants under the Bloomin Brands Incorporation to fulfil all your rich taste and fine dining needs

  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Italian Grill Carrabba’s
  • Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
  • Bonefish Grill

Introduction to BBI Connect

If you are an employee of any of the above-mentioned restaurants, you should be familiar with the BBI connect. BBI Connect is an online portal for all the employees of Blooming Brands Incorporation.



You can access it from anywhere and it can be used to receive any information, notifications from employers and access and update work schedules leave, and inquire.

If you are a new employee please follow the instructions given below to get access to your BBI portal login. – BBI Connect Employee Self Service

Osi.utlipro is a web portal that design for all the employees who are working on any brand of Bloomin restaurants. Flemings Prime Steakhouse and Carrabba Italian GrillBonefish Grill’s employees can access their payroll details and get all the updates regarding the benefits offered by the company.

BBI employees need to sign up with the personal details and company id at osi.utlipro. It can provide employees with 24/7 access to check the latest updates and instructions regarding Bloomin Brands Inc policies. Through this portal company HR department play an active role to enhance the capabilities of their employees.

Generally, it is very difficult for a company to manage almost 1, 00,000 employees with manual administration. So, the company handles it swiftly with the help of osi.utlipro portal. This is beneficial for both. This portal is also helpful for all new users, if they are facing any login, reset the password, or forgotten password issues.

Features of the BBI Connect

Direct Deposit Feature: In this feature, you will be able to access all salary-related information. The feature also includes an information database on monthly incentives, bonuses, and tax payments.

BBI Benefit; Profit Programs: BBI offers its staff several profit programs that you can access and learn about through BBI connect which includes

  • Prizes, bonuses, and family benefits
  • Scholarship programs
  • Setting up leave and overtime money
  • Retirement plan
  • Career path development in BBI
  • Employ a support program
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Work schedule, notifications, media communication: through BBI connect you can check for notifications from employers, set up and update your work schedule, and communicate with other employees of BBI.

BBI Connect access and login requirements

HR department or HR manager provided login detail to every Bloomin’s employee. If you are a Bloomin employee and still haven’t login details then contact quickly to the HR department.

And, those new employees who haven’t their login details yet, need immediate contact with the HR manager or supervisor.

Here, we can guide you to follow some easy steps to log in to osi.utlipro portal.

All you need to access the BBI connect is a reliable computer, laptop, or smartphone with an internet connection. You can access it through a compatible internet browser.

If you are a new employee you will be provided with credentials (login ID and Password) from the HR Staff.

Your username will be from your employee ID number and your password can be derived from a five-digit access code.

HR department issued a default password to the new BBI User, so you can change or reset your password after logging into the account

After login to your account, the company web portal allowed you to access the employee benefits provided by Bloomin’ Brands

BBI Connect

Creating a new BBI Connect Account

All you need to do is

  • Type the address to get to the official website of BBI connect
  • Set up portal language, English is the default language of the portal
  • Click the link ‘Forgot your password to enter as a new employee or to change the password.
  • Add information in the registration column with the credentials you received from the HR staff and click the ‘Go’ button
  • Enter personal identity details such as employee ID, address, phone number, etc. and also add an email address to recover your account in the future
  • Create an 8-15 character password and finally click the ‘send button.
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Accessing your account: You can access your account afterward by providing your account ID and password on the official website portal.

BBI Company profile

The first restaurant under Blooming Brands Incorporation was founded in 1988, by four hospitality industry veterans using the idea of Australian inspired restaurant aiming to provide quality food and friendly prices. Which led to the opening and branching of three other restaurants under the BBI. BBI is now one of the largest restaurant companies with more than 93,000 staff, hence the need for BBI Connect.

BBI Customer Service

Phone Number: 813-282-1225


Mailing Address:

Bloomin’ Brands, Inc.

2202 N. West Shore Blvd.

Suite 500, Tampa, FL 33607

To check your gift card balance contact: 888-731-2610

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