5 Tricky Way to get more Google 5-star Reviews

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Recently, Randy undertook an experiment on Google review tricks. He asked to leave the reviews to his customers simply. After a few days, he received five candid reviews from customers. Eventually, results show a 4.8-star review on five 5-star reviews from Google. 

A thought crossed to his mind instantly. He thinks he has received four 5-star reviews along with an only 4-star review. However, he is checking the reviews in detail. In reality, he won five 5-star reviews. Why does Google get 4.8 out of five 5-star reviews? 

Can you please solve the riddle of Google reviews strategy? Get 5-star google reviews and google 5-star rating secret will be exposed below. Let’s see how to google my business reviews can affect popularity.

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Why Google Show Lower Star Rating than It Should be.

Precisely, only just five reviews cannot determine the whole scenario of business. Five reviews are such a small sample size for the rating confidently. Without a minimum of ten reviews, Google will not trust on you.  

Google has so many statistical mathematics factors in determining its algorithm. If you have at least ten reviews, google gets some confidence in you. 

4.8 out of five 5-star reviews look quite natural and attractive rating. People will search for more reviews only to find five 5-star reviews yet a 4.8-star rating. Even perfect grades will produce an imperfect score of 9 out of 10. 

Bear in mind, the purpose of reviews is to provide the correct choice of your service. Thus, reviews should look organic, but tons of discussions at the same time will make it inorganic. None would be able to receive a 5.0 rating until they have ten reviews up to 2017. 

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Can you tell me what reflects Google reviews Score?

Most businesses always try to get a ton of reviews if they get a negative Google review. The reason is simple they want to bring their Score up for Google. Usually, it takes a week to add a new report. Google observes the frequency of reviews coming from customers. Therefore, it is not a good idea to get plenty of reviews all of sudden. 

Many people are wondering and yet know the truth of Google. Many business people ask why Google Score is not updated. Subsequently, it is all about their business reputation management. Google is meticulously careful about suspicious reviews. 

Reviews might show flag if you have an abnormal pattern of reviews. For example, generally, you get just one report every month. Now suddenly, you are getting more 20 studies in 30 days. Google Web Spam team will surely check these reviews. It can also track the IP addresses of reviewers. 

The Score of ratings depends on various signals to make sure which best reflects the quality. Now you know the answer, you cannot get a 5.0 rating abruptly. You must have a certain number 5-star ratings before you get a 5.0 rating. 

Some must do’s  for generating more Business Reviews on Google.

1. Make “Review Us on Google’’ Cards

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2. Simply tell your loyal customers for Google Reviews.

3. Make the process easy for customers. At least they just leave a star rating even without writing a word. 

4. Collecting emails from various sources arrange Review Email Campaign. 

5. Your business must have Review Link to Website

6. Add Google Review Links in Surveys

7. Vendors and Partners can leave Google Business Reviews

8. Answer to Google Business Reviews, both positive and negative reviews. 

9. Place a Google Business Review Request in the email 

10. Read Google Business Review Guidelines

Five Quickest Method to attract your customer to leave Google reviews 

There is no doubt; Google 5 star reviews affect your business. Once Randy says, Google my business, you will get all about us. Customer is the best motivation so let them speak up.

1.Send Customers Your Review Link

On the desktop, there is Google My Business profile show up in the right-hand column. You must see Write a review. Just click the link that will expose how many reviews you have. Now copy the URL from the address bar. Without any delay, send it instantly to help your customer to leave reviews.

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2. Google Review Link on Mobile

Google Maps helps your customer to write a review. Look at the text link at the bottom left of the screen? You will see if there are any reviews or not. 

Do Google search regularly, and search for the business name, and the city or address. Eventually, at the end of this result for More Info, there will be a link. 

3. Share Google Review Link:

Google creates a shareable link to review your business. 

  • Go to https://developers.google(dot)com/places/place-id.
  • Write your business name and address in the “Enter your location” field.
  • Now click on business name as it appears on the map.
  • A string of characters under a business name labeled Place ID. Copy that ID.
  • Add Places ID to this URL pattern:
  • https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=<place_id>
  • If Places ID were Abc123, then your shareable review link would be https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=Abc123.
  • Now you can share review link

4.Know Geo-Located Search Requests and Local Map Pack

5. Get in touch with review writing service provider like revieweriters.com 


Ask your customers politely.  Are they happy or do they have anything to say. Tell them to leave reviews on Google. Google has put some difficult policies to get reviews. Therefore, to beat your customer concentered on service more. 

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