Why you should start playing Pokemon Go?

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When it got released in the year of 2016, Pokemon Go was a major success. It is an augmented reality game which allowed you to catch Pokemon characters. Nearly, the entire global population knew about this game. Everyone had it on their smart phones.

However, due to a number of reasons, the player base of this game dramatically decreased. There were various bugs and features which did not seem to be compliant with the needs and preferences of the players.

Nevertheless, the game has made a return. Here are major reasons why to play Pokemon Go again.

⦁ There are almost 500 Pokemon available

When the game was first released, there were around only 150 Pokemon available. You were not able to get hand on all of them. There were no legendary Pokemon making appearances. However, things have changed now. There are almost 500 Pokemon in the game. In fact, more of them are now released on regular basis. Legendaries can be caught as well. This has made the game much more desirable and exciting than it used to be.

⦁ Daily tasks

One of the ways in which you can get hands on the new Pokemon is by getting done new tasks. There are different tasks within the game. For instance, throwing five amazing balls in a row. Upon completion of a new task, you will acquire a stamp. Furthermore, if you have successfully collected seven stamps, you will encounter a legendary. This keeps the game much more exciting compared to what it used to be.

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⦁ Sync the step count

One of reasons why a lot of players got frustrated with the game is that the application was to be remained opened for you to count the distance which was travelled. With the recent updates in the game, now you can sync the game into the phone step count application. It can even be synced with the fitbit. So next time you log into the game, just have a look at the fitbit total distance and add to the total of Pokemon Go.

⦁ There are special events

In the past few years, there have been a number of special events happening in the game. The game does not appear to slow down. There are more events in the pipeline. These events include release of now Pokemon characters and release of Pokemon movies. These events make the game more interesting. Thus, this is another major reason to get your hands back on the game.

⦁ There are more PokeStops

One of the best things about the game is that the game introduced you to different places. It walked you through places where you never went. You may have been living that same area for years, but you would have come across a Pokestop which you would have never noticed earlier. The best thing about Pokemon Go now is that there are more Pokestops to the game. In fact, new stops are added to the game on a regular basis.

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⦁ Battle your friends

One of the most important and exciting features of the game is that you can battle your friends now. If you have competitive friends within the game, then this is a must play features. You just have to pick three Pokemon and tap the screen. There is not much skill involved in the battle. It is all about how fast you can move the fingers. However, it is also about how well you know the Pokemon. Knowing how to place a Pokemon which is strong against a specific category of other Pokemon, is the skill that you need to develop.

⦁ Trading Pokemon

It is amazing that with the recent updates in the game you can trade Pokemon. This is exciting for individuals who like to travel across the globe. All that is required is that you must be in proximity with your friend. If you are eager enough to trade a Pokemon, you may even travel from one country to another. In any case, this features had made the game much exciting for the players.

⦁ Places are mapped

All the places that you have been in the game are now mapped. This is one of the most interesting features in the game. This is particularly for someone who is fond of travelling. Knowing where you have been earlier is a feeling that only an avid traveler can relate to. You can create your own personal world map with the places you have visited as marked.

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The bottom line

If you played Pokemon Go in the past, you must clearly be of the view that it is a game that no one should miss. However, with the recent updates in the game, it has become much more desirable.

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