Walmartcareplan – What Should You Know About Walmart Protection Plan Review

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The core objective of walmartcareplan is to ensure customer satisfaction. The customer’s relationship with Walmart belongs to above all play a key role in the success of Walmart. It’s all about the best products and services offers and aims to attract their loyal customers to coming back to the Walmart store.

Walmartcareplan is an active method of quality assurance to the customers when buying at Walmart Store. Any quality assurance such as security, warranty, or protection on the products that customers purchased at the store will give peace of mind to the customers.

They feel relaxed about what they are spending is a good quality product and if there is any issue regarding a complaint about any product, they have an assurance to refund their product.

Walmart Care Plan – Review

The walmartcareplan are varied from product to product and have a great satisfactory impact on customer when unexpected things happen regarding the product purchased.

For instance, the customer spends money to purchase a new laptop, and the level of excitement is on top because the customer achieves the best product that wanted for too long. And, suddenly the excitement becomes the mini depression because the new laptop is not working well, maybe there are a hard disc issue or something another technical issue.

Although spending a lot of money to purchase a first-hand product from a top renowned retailer store in the world but at the same time, the customer feels so bad.  

Now the time comes when Walmart care plan offering customers peace of mind that you are protected regarding the product purchased. Walmart’s care plan will protect its customers from other possible conditions and situations such as.


Damages regarding power surge

Normally, you can’t judge the exact damage of any electrical product because it happens whenever there is an increase or decrease in the electrical current. If any power surge damage happened, the owner of electrical devices such as washing machine, fridge, freezer, laptop, TV’s, Computer can claim under the umbrella of Walmart Care Plan.

Accidental Damages

Some electronics devices can easily drop from people’s hand and have crack or sometime not working properly phone, tablet or laptop etc. Walmart care plan covers all of these above mentioned accidental damages.


This plan has also protect customers to any shipping cost. You have to pay nothing when shipping the product to any Walmart service center. Because there are different plans offers, so may you can qualify for in house repair service from company. May be you can get full refund of their product.

Walmart Plan Hub is the place where customers can access and track their plans and file their claims according to their plans. Every plan can be updated automatically when a customer purchases any new item from the website with a login.

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Customers can log in to the Walmart website and it automatically updated plans on every new purchase of the Walmart account.

Walmart Warranty and Protection Plan? We Can Explain It All!

Many Walmart customers are unaware that they can purchase an extended warranty and protection plan.

Some people who are asked if they want to make this purchase at the sales counter decline because they have never heard of it before and do not have enough information to decide to buy on the spot.

Some people appreciate the extra coverage for guaranteeing the merchandise they buy, especially when it comes to electronics and other high-priced items, while others believe it is not worth the cost.

  • That is why many people Need to Know About the Walmart Warranty and Protection Plan.

There are benefits and drawbacks to the Walmart Warranty and Protection plan, and before you decide if it’s worth the money, you need to know the facts as well as the benefits, so here’s everything you need to know about the coverage.

What Exactly Are Walmart’s Warranty And Protection Plan?

Most retailers offer some type of extended warranty and care plan, but consumers are wary of these because of all of the limitations and restrictions that make it unwise to buy.

Some companies are notorious for finding ways to avoid honoring these plans, but does Walmart fall into this category, or do they keep their promises?

First, let’s look at the actual plan that they provide to their customers. Customers receive the Walmart Care plan from a company called Asurion. This insurer’s primary function is to fulfill extended warranties and is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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They provide two options for consumers to report claims. One is through their online program called the “Solutions Hub,” and the other is by calling them directly and speaking with a representative over the phone to file a warranty claim.

According to some customers, Asurion responds quickly to legitimate claims for extended warranties.

The Benefits Of Walmart’s Warranty And Protection Plan

One of the things we liked best about the Walmart warranty plan was the ability to contact them by phone and speak with a live person.

The customer service department can be reached at 877-968-6391. Customer service hours are also geared toward satisfaction, with representatives answering the phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The quickest way to reach an agent is to bypass the automated system by pressing the 2, then the 2 again, then the zero and pound sign, then the zero and pound sign again, and then the 1 and 3.

For most people, speaking with a real person is far more reassuring than relying on technology to convey their concerns. There is even a callback option available

Another great advantage of Walmart protection is that you can manage the plan from the website’s support hub.

It is also critical to file your claim as soon as you discover that the product is broken, damaged, or otherwise defective.

A Few Things To Consider

Power surge damage that can occur when there is an electrical spike in your utility service is one of the covered situations, and if you have purchased the extended warranty on a computer, television, kitchen, or laundry appliance that has been damaged in this manner, you are covered. Mechanical and electrical breakdowns are also addressed.

Consumer Feedback On Walmart’s Warranty And Protection Plan

The overall price affordability score was 3 out of 5 stars. The product or service quality received a low two stars, and the value for money received a two out of five stars.

The most notable complaints included terrible customer service, not handling or processing their claim in a timely, and in some cases, not at all, manner, and one consumer complained that the item covered under warranty was sent out for repairs and was returned in a damaged condition when the experts in charge of the claim stated that the item was fine, and the consumer disagreed with this dissent.

  • However, this is not true for all reviews of the plan. The Consumer Affairs website, on the other hand, tells a different story.
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 Even though actual consumers posted rather negative reviews, the sample group consisted of only 37 people. Consumer Affairs collected information from a rather larger group of 5,571 consumers in an annual rating class. The overall satisfaction ratings for this group were extremely high.

Some customers have had negative experiences with the plan, However, we also read the reviews of a much higher percentage of satisfied customers who were very pleased with the process

 How to register yourself at walmartcarepaln

  • The service is free for every Walmart customer who is visited regularly to store at least once a week.
  • For registration, Walmart Care Plan, visit website www.walmartcareplan or Now you have to choose, either to file a claim or Register.
  • If you are going to register for Walmart Product Care Plan, you will have to “create an account”. Fill in the form correctly.
  • Once you create an account, you can sign in and start to register for Walmart Product Care Plan.
  • You will have a Product receipt that issue at the time of purchase, it includes (Transaction Number, the Register Number, and Date you purchase the plan, and the Store Number).
  • After, fill in the details of the Product purchase price, plan purchase price, and state of purchase.
  • Finally, you must have to “Click” to identify your product.

How to File a Claim Walmart Product Care Plan

For filing the claim, the customer can choose either online or the store. You can choose any of both, just you will need your receipt.

You didn’t need any other document except the receipt because it has all the required details of your plan. Although, you have to provide some other documents to file your claim when you purchase a special warranty plan with a high-value product.

To file a claim online, the system will request the first email that you sent at the time of purchase because it has all the details of your online plan.

After entering your email, you may get instant approval of your claim. This is a very easy and quick approval method. Maybe in some cases, you can’t get quick approval. They might have requested you for visit to the store.

Walmart Care Plan Phone Number

If you have any queries or face hurdles to making your claim, you should call Walmart Care Plan Support at 1-877-968-6391.

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