How to Find a Freelancing Community for Support

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Freelancing has gained popularity because you can manage your schedules, work from anywhere, and choose what you want to work on. It’ll be difficult to look back once you have a steady job stream with freelancing. You get to bid the traditional job setting goodbye, maybe for good.

However, freelancing can be a lonely journey, and you might find yourself losing your footing careerwise because you’re getting too used to being on your own.

Everyone needs support now and then, even if it’s just a conversation about work. That’s one of the advantages of workplaces that you can’t really appreciate until you decide to start a freelance business.

But how does joining a freelance community get you that support you’re lacking?

  • You get to benefit from team spirit
  • You get to make friends and network
  • You stay updated on trade secrets
  • You learn to manage your time
  • You get to learn new skills
  • You get to lean on the community for assistance

Now, to enjoy the support that comes with freelancing communities, you first need to find one that’s suitable for you.

Here are two ways to connect with other freelancers worldwide that will motivate you and help you in your freelance career.

  1. Join Online Freelance Communities
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There are plenty of freelance communities you can be part of and benefit from. Some examples of online freelance communities include:


One of the popular sites used by freelancers is Discord, which has categories called servers that people use to pick the topics of their choice. Also, many potential clients look for talented and competent freelancers whom they offer gigs. 

The platform is available for web and phone applications, so you can sign up and search for communities that fit your interests. The Freelance Lounge is a fine example of a freelance community on Discord with massive resources for professional freelancers.


There are large communities of freelancers on Facebook where people connect, learn and share information. These spaces also guide newbie freelancers and share knowledge freely to help them grow. 

Freelancing Females is an example of a freelance community for women in different phases of their freelance journeys. Most of these communities on Facebook also have job boards to inform members of new opportunities and offer resources to encourage their members.


Twitter is not only a socializing space, but professional freelancers use it to score gigs and network. Freelancers have built communities on the platform, which continue to thrive through. 

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#FreelanceChat, for instance, is a hashtag used by freelancers to talk about everything related to freelancing, like rates and how to build freelance careers. You can also create lists of people whose content you are interested in and find other people with similar interests.

Freelancers Union

When it comes to freelance communities, it doesn’t get any bigger than Freelancers Union, an organization that is more than just a community for freelancers. It’s a company, an advocacy group, and a trade union with massive resources for its members. The organization has an online presence as well as physical locations.

  1. Become Part of an Offline Community

Freelance communities also host offline meetups where you can meet other freelancers in person. These opportunities allow you to share experiences. When you are active in these events, you can build solid networks with other freelancers and even build friendships outside the group. 

How do you join an offline freelance community?

Look Around You

Most offline freelance communities are organized by local freelancers who either know one another or have met online. These are generally small groups of friends with shared interests coming together to support one another.


Freelancing is quickly going mainstream, and it’s here to stay by the look of things. If you have a freelance business or are thinking of starting one, you should consider joining a group of some sort because you don’t know when you’d need help.

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Join communities of like-minded people to challenge each other positively, share ideas, and get insight into your freelance career. 

If you struggle to find the right community, you can create one of your own and reach out to other freelancers who share your interests, develop your network, and grow your community.

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