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Unlike modern laptops and chrome books, you will find a numeric keypad in nearly all conventional PCs and laptops which makes it easy to do complex calculations in a more organized way. 

Moreover, there is less distance between the keys on a numeric keypad, which allows for rapid finger movements. 

However, when it comes to laptops and Chromebooks, you won’t find a numeric keypad in every model. 

To make it more affordable and compact, many laptops don’t come with a numeric keypad. 

For researchers, teachers, and accountants, it is recommended to opt for a laptop with a numeric keypad as it helps to complete tasks in less time.

Still, if you look for the best laptop with numeric keypad online, you will see various types of laptops under the categories of mid-level and entry-level laptops.

The majority of keys on a keyboard has a flat top, whereas, there some keyboards feature concave keycaps. Apart from that, it is better to opt for a keyboard that comes with keys with numbers engraved on it. 

Even if the numbers are painted on the number keypad, make sure it is sweat resistant otherwise, the numbers can smudge and fade away with excessive heat and sweat.

Apart from that, there are many other features you need to consider when buying a laptop for data entry and making spreadsheets.

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A powerful battery is the backbone of any computer. Without it, you cannot use it outdoors in places where there isn’t any source of power supply.  

A powerful battery makes your laptop mobile and you are not restricted to your workstation for completing your work.  

Memory and storage

Data entry programs do not require much storage space to operate. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to invest in a high-end laptop with a powerful processor as any budget-friendly laptop that runs on Intel and AMD Ryzen processors can work equally well for doing calculations. Similarly, instead of going for laptops with an 8GB or 16GB memory, a laptop with 4GB will give you the same performance. However, if you plan to play games or install other applications on your system, then it is recommended to opt for at least 8GB of memory.


Despite having a powerful battery, if your laptop is bulky and heavy, then you won’t be able to easily carry it in your backpack. Therefore, the overall weight of the laptop is equally important if you are looking for a laptop that is travel friendly


As mentioned earlier, data entry programs don’t require much storage space. However, if you like watching movies and videos in your leisure time to take a quick break from your work, then it is better to pick a laptop that comes with at least 512GB for storage. Moreover, SSD is comparatively a better storage option than HDD, however, it is slightly expensive and if you are on a limited budget, then you can opt for HDD for storage instead.

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Laptops that have a wide display usually come with dedicated numeric keypads. For Chromebooks, and smaller laptops, it becomes hard to find a model with a responsive number pad. Still, there are many popular laptop brands such as Asus and Lenovo that offer numeric keypads in their budget laptops.

To sum up

Portability is something that is required in every smart device and the same goes for laptops as well. To make their laptops thinner and compact, nearly all major laptop brands have to omit features like a numeric keypad and wider screen size to make them light and travel friendly. However, if you search online keeping in mind the tips we have shared in this post, you can still find the right laptop for your day to day computing tasks.  

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