FNAF Security Breach Departs From The Franchise Formula

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is the 9th instalment in the popular horror game series featuring terror-inducing animatronic teddy bears. Console and PC gamers were eagerly awaiting the latest addition, and now that it’s landed, they’re somewhat surprised by what it has to offer. Developers Steel Wool Studios have deviated from the tried and tested formula of their previous games, and Security Breach certainly marks a brave shift for the well-loved franchise.

Gameplay, Graphics, and Story

The popularity of the FNAF series has been largely down to the mechanics of the games and the absolute craziness that occurs while playing. Fans have expressed their love for the sheer simplicity each title offers, and how it remains uncomplicated, yet full of jump scares. Most games in the modern era involve immensely large open worlds that the player must explore extensively. These types of games put a lot of pressure on players to pump hours into the experience to unlock new items or finish the game. In contrast, the FNAF series has always placed the player in one room, swapping exploration mechanics for simplicity and horror. However, FNAF Security Breach changes this fan-loved formula.

In Security Breach, the player is in the shoes of protagonist Gregory, a young boy who’s trapped overnight in the Freddy Fazbear Mega PizzaPlex. This changes the formula gameplay-wise as players now have the freedom to explore the PizzaPlex and experience the FNAF world in a way that they never before imagined. Old characters make a comeback, and fans of the series should enjoy this much-needed change of pace. The FNAF series needed a bit of shake-up and Security Breach provides exactly that.

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The graphics are the weakest point of the game, but that’s clearly not what Steel Wool Studios were focusing on. The developers instead spent time writing a compelling story, incorporating all the lore from previous games, and attempted to create a fully realized world using this lore. The graphics may look slightly outdated but that shouldn’t deter fans from trying the new game.

A Fresh Take On A Classic Franchise

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach provides fans of the series with a much-needed change of pace. The game also showcases Steel Wool Studios’ ability to craft worlds and narratives other than what the FNAF series has seen in the past. Security Breach is a must for loyal fans, and it’s a good place to start getting familiar with Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise for any new gamers too.

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