Market Development Funds Best Practices Guide For 2022

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Market Development Funds (or MDFs) are funds used in marketing and sale programs through channeled partners. They enable the channel partners to sell, introduce and increase local awareness about new products. If you want to familiarize yourself with MDFs, reviewing this guide will help you manage your MDF program with Workspan. MDF programs can occur in many different ways, evaluated as monetary value. Partners may use these funds for email campaigns, digital ads, marketing materials development tradeshows and conferences, webinars, lunch and learn, sales leads purchasing, etc. There is a variety of programs available, and it is up to the partners to choose which works the best. 

This article explains some of the best practices for market development funds that drive the success and participation of partners. 

  • Choosing Suitable Partners

In order to keep budgeting complications to a minimum, the number of partners listed should be kept minimum. Choose partners with the most potential for sale growth. Good partner relations also help to assist brand loyalty and spread awareness about the product. 

  • Performance Evaluation 

The MDFs that are distributed at the start of the program do provide benefits, but they often end up being unused, which makes the upcoming budget more complicated. Through evaluating performance and paying according to those, an equal playing field is generated, which keeps the ground level among people who work too hard and those who are on higher posts.

  • Choosing Programs 
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When MDFs are not used on a regular basis, it’s likely that the right programs are not being used. Programs should be in accordance with the objectives of the sale, and proper tools should be provided to partners for completing those objectives. This can also be evaluated by asking partners what tools they will require to achieve an objective and will, in turn, help identify the right programs from the wrong ones.

  • Progress Tracking 

Progress needs to be tracked for all programs, which helps understand how much benefit each program is giving. It helps with better budgeting for future programs. Data collection in the duration of the program presents targeted, specific programs for particular purposes and leads to higher ROI.  

  • Simplification

Complicated MDF and program policies or demanding many qualifications can drive partners away and keep them from participating. They may help your company reach its objectives if the programs are easier to understand and apply for since partners tend to deal with different companies. Simplicity also helps in management for not only the partners but also for the staff. Mistakes are not easily made if too many rules exist that are hard to keep track of. 

For successful MDF programs and budgeting, it is necessary to choose partners that help in growth and to choose programs based on sharing and tracking of progress, payment for performance, goal-oriented workforce, and utilization of programs that result to be a success. 

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Budgeting is not the only hurdle to be faced, as other complications come with the management of MDF programs which can cause stress. Automation in MDF programs can solve these problems and drive success.

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