7 Steps Guide On How To Use A Desoldering Pump

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One of the smallest tools in your tool kit yet the most significant, yes, we are talking about a desoldering pump. On a holistic level, a desoldering pump does nothing but sucks out the solder within the circuit after a soldering process. However, we only recognize its significance when we don’t have one. After a heated soldering session, a desoldering pump provides that extra bit of clarity and confidence, allowing testing or even reworks on PCB boards on a large and small scale. 

If you ask how to use desoldering pump? It’s no rocket science. On the other hand, if you are a newbie, applying the high amount of pressure that a desoldering pump produces on the wrong side of the circuit board can cause more damage than good to what you intend on achieving. In other words, you should always know how to optionally use a desoldering pump. Here are the top 7 steps that you take to put your desoldering game to the next level. 

  1. Try to look for brands like Absolute PCB that come equipped with soldering rods and desoldering in one device. So, you don’t have to invest in two different sets of devices and keep looking for them every time you try to solder something. It saves time, money, and some space in your toolbox. 
  2. Decide which desoldering you want for you. There are 2 of them. One that uses pressure on the plunge to solder the second employs bulb style desoldering. Finally, the third is an electronically run Vacuum system termed a vacuum pump. 
  3. Always wear glasses and protective gear when using such delicate electronic systems. Also, it is a work of precision so make sure you are concentrated. 
  4. The time between soldering and desoldering should optimize to guarantee the right amount of pressure and solder. 
  5. The residue should be removed and collected separately, allowing no confusion. 
  6. Remember, you are applying a lot of pressure, so there is no doubt that you cannot gauge the amount of solder the desoldering sucks away. Hence, you need to make a fair guess and solder accordingly. 
  7. As you practice more you will learn better how to operate the combination of solder and desoldering to make perfect circuit boards. If you haven’t tied soldering before, try on practice circuit boards to acquire perfection. 
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Desoldering is as necessary as soldering, and you need to know how to use it perfectly. If you don’t use a single device with both solder and desoldering try to always keep a desoldering pen in your tool box. They are not very expensive and highly useful. You can start with a plunger and move your way to the bulb-style desolder. Generating perfection in soldering is important, but it is also necessary for desoldering tools. Make sure you are careful in using the plunger or the bulb-style desolder to suck the solder out of the bird. Don’t collect the residue on the board rather have a separate area for desoldering residue. 

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