5 Reasons Which Puts Shopify Ahead Of Others

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From the idea of selling snowboarding equipment online in 2006 by the two Canadians to getting into the bigger picture of eventually building up a platform that could be used by others as well is one of the best things happened in the world of digital marketing that contributed in bringing a revolutionary change in the way of ecommerce marketing happening back then. Within a short span of time Shopify became the leading ecommerce building platform and spread worldwide to have its users from over 175 countries having their website built on Shopify. 

Since the last decade or so which gave much importance to the online marketplace rather than offline and customers opting for more of online shopping for various factors such as comfort, ease and broad display of products etc., there has been an increase in the competition over internet to have more and more audience to the online merchants thus increasing the demand of a high-quality well-structured website. Now there are a number of other platforms which are available in the market but what makes Shopify so special and different from the rest and what are the reasons you should invest into using Shopify for your dream project of opening an online store? All the queries will be cleared and you will know ‘why’ by the end of this blog. 

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1. Quick and easy set up

What everyone prefers is ease and not get indulged much in the cumbersome process while launching a website and that is what Shopify provides. Because of not being an open-source platform, the headache is reduced about the server and hosting. The interface of Shopify is user friendly and simple to set up a Shopify store. Further it is intuitive which provides more ease into adding elements into the website. 

2. Security

While building a website it should be taken care of to have the website well secured to save it from the bugs and viruses which can cause a lot of harm to the functioning of the online business. With an open-source platform, it is a hassle to have the website secured in the right way and requires a lot of coding to do. But with the proprietary platform that Shopify is, the aspect of security is already taken care of. Shopify is level 1 PCI DSS certified and also has SSL encryption to highly secure the data. 

3. Mobile responsive

Now the mobile user has become more than a desktop user so a large section of people is making their purchases through smartphones which is why the websites have to have mobile responsive themes. Shopify has a large number of themes all mobile responsive which looks great when viewed on desktop as well as on the smartphone. It has a mobile shopping cart as well. 

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4. Customer help and support

The customer support and help centre is excellent for Shopify. Unlike the open-source platforms where there isn’t any dedicated customer service available, Shopify being the proprietary platform provides an effective customer service. It has 24/7 customer support available via phone call, live chat and email. Other than that, in the Shopify forum there are plenty of answers given to various questions. There are further nicely explained video tutorials and documentation for help. 

5. Strong SEO and marketing tools

Because of less visits to your website there will be losses in business. That is why managing SEO is very vital and should be done in the right way. Shopify has strong SEO strategies and there are many effective SEO apps which help to boost the SEO. Shopify has strong marketing tools which strategically run ads and campaigns in Facebook and Instagram to drive organic traffic towards the website. 

While Shopify is simpler than most other platforms yet it cannot be managed by a novice to have a professionally built website for which one needs to hire a Shopify developer. To get the expert assistance for your website, Justgoweb digital is the best Shopify development company to get in touch with. 

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