Uninstall Program or an App from Windows 10

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Uninstalling useless programs or an Apps on Windows 10 from desktop or laptop is always a hectic issue for a user. If you are a new Windows user than you should have to know, how to uninstall programs on Windows 10 on your device. You may not know how to remove an app from your computer. However, the older versions of Windows like Windows 7 or XP are still exists but it is tough to delete latest apps.  Uninstall programs in older versions wasn’t easy; you had to go with program menu in the control panel. But now, it is easier and simple to clean your system.

How Important to Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Keeping clean the unwanted program or app from your system is very important for your PC health as well yourself. If you have too many unnecessary programs in your system then it could lazy your system. That is why, you have to uninstall apps from Window 10 you need no more.

However, it is not easy always to remove the program. You may face some issues such as refuse to uninstall, program leaves the unnecessary traces behind or impossible to delete. So don’t need to worry and come with us, you will know how to uninstall programs on Windows 10.

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Uninstall Program on Windows: Start Menu

You can directly remove the program or app form start menu. You need to do just following steps.

  • Go to start menu>All apps and uninstall the right app that you need to remove from Windows.
  • Right click on the specific program or app and from drop-down menu, choose the option “uninstall”.
  • If you choose an application to remove then pop-up window telling you to uninstall all the files or information regarding specific app. Finally, you click Uninstall to complete the procedure.  
  • If you choose a program to remove then pop-up window appears to telling you, are you sure to uninstall. Click “yes” to uninstall.

Uninstall Program on Windows: Setting Menu

If you did not find the desire program or app on start menu that you want to uninstall, don’t worry. There is another option to remove them-through the setting menu.You need to do just following steps.

  • Go to Start>setting
  • Choose system then apps & features, Here you find the full list of programs or application. You can also find specific app or program with the help of search box which will appear on the top of the screen.
  • Find the app you want to remove, select and click “uninstall”, A pop-up window telling you that the application will be uninstalled (whether it is a program or an app).
  • Click on “uninstall” and finish the procedure.
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Uninstall Program on Windows: Control Panel

You can uninstall only programs but not Windows 10 apps through control panel. Do only few following steps.

  • Right click on the start button and click on control panel.
  • Go to programs and features or directly go to uninstall if your CP is in category view.
  • Find the unwanted program from the list and uninstall.
  • Finally, click on yes if some pop-up window asks you about, you are sure to uninstall.

When Does Need to Cleanup

There are too many reasons to uninstall the programs or need to clean your system. Everybody have their own reason to do so. But there are some clear signs to clean your system with unwanted programs.

  • If user’s Desktop is full with programs or files.
  • If you are experiencing program quit unexpectedly.
  • If any Program or an App running slow.
  • Take more time at startup.
  • Disk space is too low.
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