5 Different Tips for a Safe Move

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Tips for a Safe Move

In this article we want to give you some tips for a safe move! The process of moving house and having to pack all your furniture and personal items is a source of stress for almost all families. Despite hiring a safe and trustworthy moving company, there can always be inconveniences that you did not anticipate before and that cause delays or unexpected problems during the move.

The effort involved in making a move is increased more now with the pandemic situation that we are experiencing due to COVID19. To the normal concern that a change of address entails, we add one more: safety and health protection.Having professionals and companies like RBR moving Newcastle that give you security is the first step to save us problems. There are trusted companies that work with guarantees and at affordable prices and that can help us minimize the worry of leaving our belongings in the hands of others.

What should we Take into Account when Making a Safe Move?

To have a safe move you have to take into account the following recommendations:

Ensure the truck / van size I need

One of the most common problems is not calculating the cubic meters we need to transport our things. We usually tend to think that we need less space than we actually need. The best way to calculate is to send the moving company the photos of all the rooms and all the furniture that we are going to transport. Companies are used to making these calculations and getting a rough idea of ​​the space required or travel required.

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Calculate the Time Required

This is usually another quite normal “inconvenience” in house change moves. The piece of furniture that seemed easy to disassemble can be a real challenge for moving professionals. The stairs that appeared to be wide, become narrow when lowering an oversized sofa and the door through which it seemed possible to take out a piano, becomes narrow when the time comes.

If the company is professional, it is most likely that you have contemplated these situations based on previous experiences. If they really are unexpected, the moving workers will be sure to look for other options, even if they obviously take longer than expected. Taking into account possible unforeseen events can help us plan our move and adapt our travel plan to the new home with the necessary time.

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Separate Valuables

Equally the most fragile or delicate when transporting them. During a move, it is normal to transport many objects of value or important to us. If we do not want to have the worry of finding them when unpacking, the ideal is to separate them from the rest and clearly identify them. In this way we can notify the moving company and ask them for greater delicacy when handling them.

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Notify the Neighbors

It may seem trivial, but now that we are all at home due to confinement, and even more so in cities like Madrid that are in phase 0, it is something relevant. We bear in mind that in the case of a flat, a move involves assembly and disassembly of furniture, use of the elevator and community stairs.

Suitable Truck or Van

It may seem like something unimportant, but making sure of the vehicle that is going to be used during our move can give us peace of mind during transport. It is interesting to know the age of the van or truck that is going to be used to minimize problems on a long-distance trip. Let us bear in mind that what is transported are our things, valuable to us and our family.

Do I Need a Furniture Storage?

Another fundamental aspect is anticipating the need for furniture storage. We must be clear if our new home has the square meters, we need to house all our objects. Many times, we think that space will be enough, but reality tells us that bicycles, sports equipment, or family heritage furniture now do not fit. It can be the height of the ceiling or the different arrangement of the walls of the new house. Perhaps the storage room does not have the capacity that the previous one had.

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In this case, it is convenient to ask the moving company that we hire for this service. If we also find furniture storage on the outskirts of cities or in nearby cities such as Ávila, prices are usually much cheaper and more affordable per cub ic meter.

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