Should You Buy CBD Dog Treats

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You might have a dog that tends to get scared when there’s bad weather and unknown people. You should know that your dog might have a problem that they want to get fixed, but you cannot understand them. 

If you have a dog, you know for sure that it is especially hard to watch it suffer and have problems that you want to fix. At first, these problems may seem unsolvable. But for many issues nowadays, there is a herb that may benefit the situation, and that is hemp.

What actually is CBD?

It is a shortcut from the full name, which is called cannabidiol, and it is an extraction from the cannabis (hemp) plant, and for most people, it is mostly known as marijuana. When people hear this name, they often think that this product can get your dog high and cause more issues. 

Most people do not know that CBD will not get your fur ball “high”. THC is the main ingredient that gives you the psychoactive effect when you consume it. On the other hand, these treats contain almost zero THC, which makes them completely safe. Follow this link for more info

Even though CBD is also extracted from marijuana, it does not contain any psychoactive substance. More recently, veterinarians have concluded that it might be very beneficial to pets as it can help them improve a lot of health problems. 

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Health benefits

There are a lot of benefits with which cannabinoids can help your pet. In cases of anxiety, if your loved one tends to bark non-stop, get aggressive, or it might seem agitated whenever you want to leave your household, there is a legitimate chance that your dog is suffering from anxiety. 

Just as humans, even dogs can feel lonely when you are not home and they can get anxious. If you give your furry friend a product like a cannabidiol, it helps them reduce anxiety to a very low level or even remove it entirely. 

In other cases, with phobias, this is also the right choice for your pet. Seizures and epilepsy are also treatable with this product. Scientists have not confirmed this, and it is still not highly recommended to use this medicine, but they will not say no if you think it is best for your dog. Worldwide, it is getting more accepted, and the results are very positive, and it has a bright future.

If your dog has any pain, like inflammation, muscle pain, or even nerve pain, you can give them a few drops of an oil under their tongue, and it will make them feel good again. Click on this link to read more.

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Is it safe for your dog?

A lot of labs have done their own research, and there are a lot of different conclusions. Many scientists are still arguing about this topic, and it has the potential to be a debate for the ages. In any case, it’s the pets who get to decide on this, as well as their owners.

People have confirmed that CBD has had a very positive effect on their pet and no major side effects. There are some side effects that were most commonly noticed, such as dry mouth, lowered blood pressure if the dog receives a higher dose than intended, and in some cases, drowsiness, meaning it may have gotten a bit higher dose than it should.

But do not be alarmed, as these are minor issues and are definitely not scary. Before doing anything, the smartest move before giving your dog CBD treats is to consult your doctor. The vet will tell you if that is a wise decision, and whether you can mix it with other meds. Don’t do anything without consulting a professional. 

The dose should be proportional to the weight. Plus, you should look at the labels and see what the concentration is. Usually, there is a chart, and you always start with the lowest amount. If you don’t see any difference, then you can add another drop of oil, or give them another treat. Make sure to wait for some time to see any changes, and keep a notepad nearby to write down any changes in behavior. 

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