5 Online Slots with Highest RTP:

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For a great slot player, RTP of the online slot plays an important role. The high RTP maximizes the chances of winning rewards at slots. The return to player value helps the players to get a good idea about the slot they are planning to play with. RTP plays an essential role in online slots. RTPs are calculated over long term wages betted in the slot game. Players of online slots need to research about the RTPs first to get maximum winning rewards.  

Why is high RTP needed in online slots? 

Nearly all online casinos offer online slot games. The player has to select the slots with the highest RTP value to win more amount of real money.  RTPs are essential in slot games that come with many progressive jackpots for users. The graphics of the slots are intricate and have an excellent interface. Slots are highly popular in Thai online casinos where lots of them software operators work. If you want to try one of the local slots for real money you should search for the following term – slot ได้ เงิน จริง

Highest RTP slots 

High RTP slots are trendy among the gambling people. It is due to the high RTP values of these online slots. Following list indicates the most top RTP online slots: 

  1. Ugga bugga slot
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This slot comes with a 99.07% RTP value. Ugga bugga slot is offered by Playtech that takes the player into the jungle theme.  The theme jungle contains tropical fruits, masks, and galore paintings. There are altogether three reels lined up in 10 rows. 

The layout of the slot is unique with great graphics of the jungle. The players find it exciting and refreshing. 

  1. Rainbow riches pick n mix slot. 

This online slot is designed by barcest with an RTP value of 98%.  Rainbow riches have many bonuses stacked in the game for all players.  The slot also has a big bet feature for users where they can wager a large amount of money. 

As the rainbow riches come with high RTP value, it is considered favorable to all players. 

  1. Mega joker slot

Mega joker online slot comes with an RTP value of 99%.  The slot has vivid colors with great graphics and progressive jackpots. NetEnt designed this slot in 2013. From then, it has become a favorite of gambling people. The design is much like old slot games with three reels and five pay lines. 

  1. Ooh Aah Dracula slot 

The RTP value of this online slot is 99% that is favorable to all players out there. The catchy title of the slot attracts many players to it.  Ooh Aah Dracula slot was designed by barcest in 2015. The game has beautiful background music and graphics.  It also has a whacky design for all players’ enthusiasm.  The slot game has ten bet lines for players to bet in. ooh aah Dracula game has free spins, and trigger spins options. This trigger spins option speeds the spins considerably. 

  1. Jackpot 6000 slot 
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As the name of the slot depicts, it is full of progressive jackpots laden in its interface. The RTP value of jackpot 6000 is 98.99%which is favorable for all players. This slot game has a super meter feature also that offers fun for players. The game looks exciting and freaky to every player. 


These mentioned online slots are maintained at high RTP values that are favorable for players. Getting a good RTP value-driven slot is a great thing to have. The above games can serve the purpose of winning more real money through online slots. Ready to try? Then visit th-lnwasia.com and enjoy unlimited slots.

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