Kick Away Your Hardships Using a Sock Aid

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While dressing, it could be a frustrating and challenging task to put on and take off socks if you are distressed from fatigue, joint pain, or stiffness. This problem is grimmer for people who are suffering or recovering from severe arthritis.  But don’t worry. We have your problem solved with a fantastic tool- sock aid.

This fantastic device, available at Vesalius Health, helps you put on and take off your socks with the least strain and effort. It will bridge the gap that was created by your physical inability in your proper dressing.

Read on to know how this amazing equipment allows a person to put on his socks despite physical restrictions quickly 

Sock Aid – What is it, and how is it used?

This simple yet amazing device will allow one to slip on his socks effortlessly, without causing strain or pain in the back. This flexible mechanism is connected to two long vertical handles or a continuous loop. The rim of your socks if left open once it slips over to the stretchy part of this aid. After the sock gets over this device, drop this device down on the floor and keep holding the handles. Slip your foot in the opening of the socks. Pull back the device with the help of the handles so that your foot goes into your socks, leaving behind the sock aid. It must be noted that when you are wearing socks with the use of sock aids, the sole of your foot slips over the arched plastic base.

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Which Sock Aid is best for you?

The market is flooded with a wide range of sock aids that helps arthritis patients to wear their socks with ease. This assistance system slides the socks on your foot without any difficulty. There are various sock aids in the market like rigid or flexible aids, single and doubled handled aids, etc. all these are available in different styles and colors. Since online medical products are gaining popularity among buyers, you may also order this product online. It will be delivered to your home in a short time.

Based on material

The first thing you must ponder upon is the type of material you would be comfortable with.  The material of sock aids can be rigid or flexible. The flexible ones bend easily. It would allow you to slide the socks around it without overstretching. On the other side, rigid sock aids are significant and will open the socks wider. If your feet frequently swell, try the rigid sock aid.

Based on the type of handles

Once you are done with the material, the next factor to be laid stress upon is the style of handle that will be perfect for you. Decide what form of the handle will suit you the most. In double-handed aids, more coordination is needed to draw them upwards. If a person is seated, he may also adjust the handle’s length as much required to touch the floor. For those who cannot use both hands, like amputees and semi-paralysis patients, single-handed aids would be a catch. But, it would be a sophisticated tool for people with poor depth perception, as this handle is in the form of a continuous loop.

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Some popular varieties of stocking/sock aids

You may come across many sock aids over the internet, just like any other online medical product. Below, we have briefed the most popular ones:

Compression Sock Aid:

This aid is connected to a continuous circular cord. Pull the compression aid over the synthetic shape, put your foot inside it, and then pull up the circular cord to bring compression stockings over your legs and then correctly position them. Some sock aids are rigidly designed from groove to hold the stockings at the place that prevents them from slipping off while using.

Stocking Donner

Its handles are made of comfortable foam. The application and use of a Stocking Donner are simple. You do not need to bend more, which minimizes the risk of strain or injury.

Stainless-Steel Stocking/Sock Aid 

In this aid device, the handle is equipped with an arched hook of plastic for a better grip. Place this hook around the heels to quickly put on and take off the socks.

Apart from the aids mentioned above, there are other alternatives, like sock notch, broad sock aid, foam handled support, etc. of different sizes to cater to many buyers. All of them can be found at Vesalius Health. For people who can only use their one hand, sock notch is an ideal pick. With this, one can easily place the socks above and around the aid. Sock aids with foam handles help people with acute arthritis to have a firm grip in holding handles. For more support, a flat structure is placed on extensive aids so that it does not roll during use.

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Final Words

Living with painful joints restricts one from bending. Worse is the case of arthritis patients. Arthritis in hands, back, and even fingers makes it a hassle to put on and take off your stockings and socks. Semi-paralysis following a stroke also makes it a challenge to dress appropriately.

Initially, you will have a hard time learning its use. But with practice, you will get a hold on it and can dress on your own without any assistance. Living on a physical barrier that inhibits your ability to move around is quite challenging, but not putting on your socks at least. With a desirable sock/stockings aid, you have a helping hand that will ease your life to a significant extent. 

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