How to Set up Apple Watch with New iPhone 12 Pro?

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iPhone 12 Pro has taken the market by storm. Apple has added some extraordinary features that make this phone one of the best iPhones ever. iPhone 12 Pro has a ceramic shield display that makes it highly resistant to cracks during a fall. With 5G features, better camera, and sleek design. The camera properties include a 12-megapixel camera with a LiDAR sensor.  The camera properties include a 12-megapixel camera with a LiDAR sensor. You can contact iphone authorised service center in Dubai, for all the iphone services you need.

If you have bought the new iPhone 12 Pro, you might also want to pair your Apple Watch with it. Do not worry! We are here for you. 

The latest Apple watch series is Series 6. It has an elegant touch, and the display and features have excellent features. Other models in the Series are still being sold in the market. You can set up smart watches of Series 3 or later to iPhone 6s any iPhone till date. So, this means Series 3 or later can be set up on iPhone 12 Pro. However, if you want to make your life a tad bit more easier than you should activiate siri on your Apple watch

Setting up Apple Watch with New iPhone 12 Pro

Previously, shifting your Apple watch from an old to new iPhone was a real headache. That was cancelled out by the iOS 11. The new iPhone 12 Pro has iOS 14.


The data from the Apple watch is backed up in the iPhone automatically. If you want to make a shift, your data must be backed up in the iPhone. An automatic process allows you to set up the backup to your iPhone.

However, if you want to backup manually, there is a hard way. While keeping your Apple Watch connected to your old iPhone, unpair it. The unpairing would cause the last synchronization to occur. This way, all the data would be transferred to your iPhone. Then, you can restore all the backup in your iPhone 12 Pro. click on the link also if you are looking for mobile repair dubai


It is an important step, but is often neglected. Both the iPhone and Apple Watch should be updated; otherwise, you won’t see the backup on your iPhone 12 Pro.

Health data:

Most iPhone users use the health and fitness feature of the smartwatch regularly. They have months or even years of data that they would never want to lose. The new updates allow backup of the health data to the iPhone. However, the disadvantage here is that the backup stays to that mobile-only. If God forbid, you lose your iPhone; there is no chance of recovering the health data. To counter this, sync the health data to iCloud.. if you lost your precious mobile data then you can get it back


Setup in case you are using the Apple Watch for the first time (iPhone 12 Pro)

  1. To pair your Watch to the iPhone 12 Pro, bring it near the iPhone.
  2. Pair it by using the options either on the Apple Watch or the iPhone. The Apple watch should be visible in the viewfinder of Apple Watch app.
  3. Then set up by following all the instructions displayed on your Apple Watch and iPhone 12 Pro.
  4. Apple has a cool feature of cellular service. This feature allows you to manage your call log and even other apps when you do not have the iPhone. You can turn on this feature during the setup or afterwards through the Apple Watch app.

Setup in case you are using an old Apple Watch on the iPhone 12 Pro:

You will have the backup in this case.

  1. All you have to do is to restore the iCloud backup through the Apps and Data option. All the backup of your Apple Watch would be saved in it.
  2. Set up your iPhone 12 Pro. After the iPhone setup is finished, connect the iPhone with your Apple Watch that should at least be Series 3 or later.
  3. The Apple Watch will automatically ask for permission to pair up with the iPhone. Click OK. Then it would ask for a passcode, and your Apple Watch and iPhone pro 12 will pair successfully.
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What to do if the pairing gets stuck?

Press the home and side button simultaneously. When the Apple Watch restarts, reset it by pressing the digital crown again. You can easily pair once the Watch has reset.

Hence, it is clear from our discussion on how to set up an Apple Watch with the new iPhone 12 Pro. The steps are easy and precise. You should follow these beforehand to avoid losing any data at all. Backup and up to date Apple Watch and iPhone are the keys to retaining the data. Enjoy one of the best iPhones ever with the coolest Apple Watches available in the market.

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