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Finding a reliable CCTV security system company who is not only delivers exceptional customer service prior to completing the order but also delivers superior after sales service is a rare gem. Any company can get you the best products with CCTV installation services, but there are a very few who excel at after sales service. With so many options of suppliers available, it becomes challenging to identify which company you can trust. First Digital Surveillance is one such company that tick all the boxes of what you can expect from a professional CCTV security systems provider and installation service company.

The have been in the market for more than two decades! With over two decades of experience, they have witnessed all the technological improvements that CCTVs have gone through and excelled at delivering what has been in demand. Of course with their adaptability of the technology and constant focus on customer service, they have not only survived but have grown in leaps and bounds across Los Angeles. In fact, their satisfied clientele ranges from California, Chicago, Michigan to Nevada, Texas and many more locations.

Their services range from CCTV Security Cameras Installation, Video surveillance camera installation, Remote Cameras Monitoring, Wireless Security Cameras, Hidden, Covet and Nanny Cameras.

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In addition to this, if you have an existing CCTV security system that needs repairing, they got you covered. First Digital Surveillance has a solution to all your security system problems under one roof.

Besides repairing of your existing CCTVs, they can also upgrade your existing security system online or can offer remote camera access at affordable price.

The attributes that make first digital surveillance stand out is:

  • Reliability: With over 20 years of experience in CCTV security system industry, you can definitely trust them with either existing or new installations
  • Punctuality: They value time and their technicians are always punctual and never delay any appointment
  • Professional Consultation: One of the very few companies that actually listen to what a client wants, they pay attention to your needs and suggest a suitable solution as per your requirements. If your concern is budget, they got you covered. If your concern is quality, they only deliver quality
  • Service for everyone: Their ideology is that no customer is small or too big. Whether you are a big organization that is looking for a grand setup with card reader access, intercom system, Wi-Fi, point of sale or a house owner looking to add safety measures such as home automation, burglar alarm, surround sound or even home theatre
  • Innovation: Their technicians simply don’t turn up, do the job and leave, in fact they come with innovative ideas to complete a job. Every challenging installation is handled with a meticulous approach
  • After sales service: Unlike some companies who tend to sidestep clients once the sales has been made, First Digital Surveillance company maintains following up with their existing clients to ensure their customers are not facing any difficulties with their equipment or network, answer any questions that they may have after installation. That is why their clients keep on coming back to them.
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