Comprehensive Nordgreen Review | Should You Invest In These Watches Next Time?

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Although Nordgreen has been around for many years now, we recently discovered that these elegant watches are designed by Jakob Wagner, a highly-admired designer. This definitely called out for a comprehensive Nordgreen review so our readers know what makes these watches stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

Nordgreen Review In a Nutshell 

Nordgreen gathered much attention with big influencers endorsing the brand in recent years. Apart from being designed by an outstanding expert, the company focused on delivering slim, elegant, and affordable products that could compete with a variety of high-end brands in the market. 

Sleek build clearly pointed towards one thing: Nordgreen does not take after Ben10. Jokes apart, these Scandinavian watches were quick to gain popularity when first launched. In fact, stats show that the company was 200% funded in just the first 24 hours! 

In a nutshell, here’s what you can gather about Nordgreen watches and different models. 

What’s Good? 

The brand wins a 10/10 for its impeccable design. Philosopher watches for men are fit with an ideal, striking finish while the Native line for women stands out with elegance and a simple look. 

On top of that, each watch comes with flexible straps that are comfortable as well. The watch won’t be eating your wrist if you decide to wear it for the whole date. 

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If you are into mesmerizing dials, the Pioneer subdials will satisfy your wish. Again, the watches look expensive when in fact, they are quite budget-friendly. Since all of them come with a 2 year warranty and give-back program, you can always think about returning the product if it doesn’t fit you well. 

What’s Bad? 

Many customers have pointed out a glare-issue on the glass when used in bright light. This makes it less-than-ideal addition to your day-wear. 

Other than that, none of the watches are completely water-proof. This is a bummer since there are a number of brands in the market that offer this feature with minimal difference in prices. Nonetheless, Nordgreen is safe to use in rain and drizzle so you don’t have to worry about considerable splashes when going for a walk in risky weather. 

Where Does Nordgreen Come From and What Makes It Special? 

It is due to its luxury design that Nordgreen stands out from the competition. As Jakob Wagner once mentioned that his main focus when designing a new watch is not only its functionality by the simplicity and minimalism as well. The have watch line of Jakob Wagner as well which is pretty amazing.

Did You Know? Nordgreen was able to win ex-CEO of Carlsberg and Pandora as prominent members on its advisory board. This attracted more investors raising over $250,000. 

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What makes Nordgreen special is that it has a partnership with NGOs that are committed to goals such as providing clean water to Africans and educating children in South Asia. Portions of these institutes are also working towards protecting rainforest in South America that are depleting at a drastic rate. 

Every purchase you make with this brand donates a percentage to the sustainability and success of these plans. Each watch comes with a special serial number to track donations. This is also the number that you have to use in order to choose where the donation goes.

Nordgreen Luxury Watches Review 

Before we sum up our review, we would like you to go through a quick overview of some of the most popular watches that this brand offers. Let’s have a look! 

Nordgreen Philosopher

The Philosopher line is directed towards men who want a brilliant watch that is sleek and asymmetric. These watches have a clean, brushed look with customizable straps. You can also opt to interchange the strap if needed. 

Nordgreen Philosopher offers resistance against rain up to 3 atm. Furthermore, their material ensures the product is durable and tough against rugged use. 

Nordgreen Pioneer 

Pioneer watches have quite a hefty design with a smooth, stainless steel finish. Some customers were disappointed that the watches are not completely resistant to water but they offer use against the rain which makes them good enough unless you plan to wear them on your next swim lessons (pun intended!). 

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The most interesting part of Pioneer watches is their dial. When the designer was questioned about the idea behind such a unique internal makeup, he shared that he designed the dial keeping in mind a clean environment and bright future reflected by the open space and windmill-like subdials. 

Nordgreen Native Watches 

The Native line offers a good balance between an elegant look and a modern design. These watches mostly come with rounded lugs and in subtle grey colors. They are composed of first-grade stainless steel that is completely resistant to corrosion so you never have to say goodbye to its beautiful shine. 

Furthermore, Native allows you to choose between interchangeable straps so you can match your watch with the outfit of the day. 

Nordgreen Review – Final Thoughts 

Nordgreen watches stand out with their simple and minimalistic designs. This brand is a great candidate for customers who want to invest in something that looks expensive but is actually quite affordable. 

Furthermore, Nordgreen offers a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase. If you have any sort of issues, you can immediately get in touch with the customer support team to figure it out. 

We will look forward to hearing about your experience when you give these a try. Let us know in the comment section below.

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