How you can Automatically Clear Downloads Folder to Prevent from Storage Problems

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As everyone knows that storage is not a big problem for everyone but still it can cause a lot of Trouble. But if you have a lot of data then it could be a trouble. So, one way to reduce the data is by clearing the downloads folder to prevent from storage problems. It may be not a big problem on a small scale. It can be a trouble on large scale.

In past years people were suffering a lot due to the storage problem. It was a really big exertion in the promotion of their Business. But thanks to latest technology especially cloud storage service that makes it easy. If you don’t have any cloud service and your storage is running out. Then you can try clear downloads folder.

How to Clear Downloads Folder Completely

To clear downloads folder, you have to follow all the following steps. In past, it was really difficult to clear downloads folders, you have to do it one by one. But thanks to a new feature in Windows 10. You can automatically delete all the files in the downloads folder.

  • Firstly, you have to press window Key + I. Then settings of Windows will be opened.
  • Click on the option of System.
  • Under the category of system, you will automatically see the option of storage. Click on it and the search for the option of storage Sense.
  • Enable this option.
  • Next,  click on the option of how we can Free up Space which is a bit below the Slider.
  • There you have to clear downloads folder. Means that you have to enable this option.
  • Lastly, click on delete Now to delete the Folder.
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The thing is that once you have deleted the files it is a bit difficult to recover it. But when you clear downloads folder it will cause all the files to be Automatically deleted. The fact is that clear download is the best and easy way to increase storage Space. Hope this article is helpful to You.

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