How to Clean Printer Rollers Efficiently? Definitive Guide:

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The component named printer roller is a rubber pieced part that is used to feed the sheet to the printer. After regular usage of the printer, it’s obvious that its components get dirty with dust and debris. The printer roller also accumulates dust due to excess ink, double side printing, and natural debris. So, get ready cause in this article we are going to Explain the method to clean printer rollers efficiently.

  • Now, what happens once the roller gets dusty? It causes paper jam issues, and sometimes it even leads to damage to expensive components of the printer. It is because when the paper jam issue will improve, and it is obvious that the user will get irritated and apply force to remove it. A little force can damage your printer’s components.
  • So now the thing is that many people find it easy to clean the rollers. It is easy but not that much how people think. It is because cleaning rollers is risky enough. For this, you will have to follow the safety instructions to avoid any kind of damage.
  • One can read the user manual guide for this. But if you don’t have a user manual guide, then take help from this superb guide for safety tips on how to clean printer rollers. Here we have discussed both the inkjet and laser printer’s roller cleaning method. You can follow the instruction as per your printer model.

Clean Inkjet Printer Rollers by This Method:

Inkjets use liquid ink to print the digital files onto the sheets. It happens many times, the inkjet printer’s nozzle spreads excess ink onto the sheet. Therefore, there are a lot of chances for the rollers to build up dust and clog. If you are printing double-sided, then chances will increase. Thus, you will start facing paper jam issues. So, it is good to avoid it by cleaning the printer rollers regularly. Read the below-given instructions for safe cleaning without any damage.

  • Locate the rollers:
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You will have to locate your inkjet printer’s roller first. In most models, it is fixed on the underneath side of the printer, besides the paper tray. If you remove the paper, try then you can easily locate it. 

  • Try rotating the rollers:

Once you have located it, try once to rotate it. It is advised to put a bit of force for this task. If you will find rotating the rollers is hard, and it needs a lot of force. Then remove it from the printer instead of applying huge force.

  • Clean it with a lint-free cloth and water:

If the rollers are moving easily or if they aren’t, then remove it. After that, you will need a cup of distilled water and a lint cloth.

  • Dip the lint cloth into the cup of water.
  • Make sure, after taking out the lint-free cloth; it is not soaking wet.
  • You will need to damp the cloth.
  • Now you can wipe the lint-free cloth on the surface of the rollers to remove dust and dirt.
  • While wiping, keep rotating the rollers to clean each surface area.
  • After cleaning it with a lint-free cloth and water, keep it on a clean surface to let it dry.
  • Region original slickness:

The cleaning process is not over yet. It will be better if you will remove the original slickness and glide from it. For this, you will need a rejuvenating rubber product that is easily available on the computer part shops. You will have to use a foam swab with the product and rub it gently on the roller’s surface.

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Now your inkjet printer’s roller is neat and clean. Place it again, at its accurate position, and enjoy the uninterested printing.

Clean Printer Rollers Through Laser Printers:

The laser printers use powdered ink called toner to print images onto the sheet. This powdered ink is made of plastic and carbon particles. After regular usage, the rollers get dirty because of carbon particles. The environmental dust is also a reason behind it. It is a better effort to clean the rollers by you instead of paying a lot of money at the repair center for servicing.  For this task, you can use the below-given method step by step. 

  1. Find the rollers:

The first step is similar to inkjets or any other printer brand. You will have to find the rollers to clean it. In most laser printers, it is placed near the paper tray at the top of the machine. If in your printer model it does not appear here, then you would have to open the access panel. It may be fixed under the toner cartridge.

  • Remove the roller:

As we all know that laser printing technology is complex than others. It is because it uses a lot of components to work. Therefore it is very difficult to clean the rollers if it is placed inside the machine. So you will have to remove it by unsnapping the clips of the rollers which are attached to the machine. Remove it gently to avoid any kind of damage. Now step forward to the next step for how to clean printer rollers.

  • Clean it with a cotton swab and alcohol:
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The carbon particles are needed to be cleaned with alcohol. After removing the rollers, place it on a flat surface and just moisten the cotton swab in alcohol. There is no need to fully wet the cotton swab. Wipe each part of the roller’s surface with the cotton swab moistened with alcohol. After wiping it for a few moments, let it gets dry.

  • Wipe rollers with a lint-free cloth:

After cleaning it with alcohol and cotton swab, you will also need to wipe the roller’s surface with a lint-free cloth and distilled water. Dip the cloth into the water and dump it. Now, with a little force, scrub the roller’s surface to remove the rest of dust or debris. Before going to install it in your laser printer, wait for it to get dry. It is because liquid particles can damage your printer’s components.


Whether you are using inkjet or laser printers. It is necessary to unplug the printer before starting the rollers cleaning process. It is also advised to avoid putting a lot of force to remove any component of the printer.

Clean Printer Rollers

Final lines!

If you are finding an issue with your printer while feeding the paper, then it may be because of dirty rollers. There are very less chances for occurring any major issue in the printer. It can only happen if you have been using it for the last two-three years. Therefore if any issue arises, then it is good to not panic and run to the repair center. Keep some patience and try finding the solution by taking the help of the internet. For the paper jam issue or paper feeding issue, you can take help from this article for how to clean printer rollers. I hope our ideas will work and help you out. 

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